As the days get progressively darker and colder, we all must strive to cultivate and honor the light and warmth we each carry in our hearts as we wait for the light to begin to re-emerge after mid-winter.

Our school has traditionally gathered together for weekly assemblies in December to hear a story and light candles in the darkness. This year, each class will have its own wreath to light, as we celebrate the Festival of Light Emerging for three weeks on Monday:

  • November 30th and December 6th, each with a story shared over the intercom
  • December 13th in the Festival Hall

We hope you’ll join us in celebration this season by the sharing of light with one another! Scroll down to download each week’s story to read at home.

The Gift of the Light

The gift of the light we thankfully take
But let it not be alone for our sake.
The more we give light, the one to the other,
It shines and spreads life, a-glowing still further,
Till every spark, by friends set aflame,
Till every heart, the joy shall proclaim,
Not long shall continue the dark of the year.
The Light draws near.

-M. Tittman

Please note: The original verse reads, “The Christ draws near.” We have substituted, “The Light draws near.”

Week One: November 29th through December 4th

Read The Light Keeper's Box

Week Two: December 4th through December 11th

Read The Gift of Fire

Week Three: December 12th through December 18th

Read a Story by Charlie OrphanidesDownload Festival Song Lyrics