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Founded on Rudolf Steiner’s humanitarian curriculum, The Denver Waldorf School awakens and inspires students’ critical thinking, emotional intelligence and artistic expression, preparing them to bring relevant contributions to the world.


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High School and Middle School Experiential Mornings

Come see students and teachers in their morning routines. Learn how physical movement, arithmetic, science and humanities intersect with practical application, artistic expression, performance, fine arts and language instruction. Children welcome!

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“I am deeply grateful for Waldorf education, which woke me up and helped me rediscover my imagination.”

Michael Ende, author, ‘The Neverending Story’

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  • The Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education recently conducted research to better understand the benefits of Waldorf Education with the purpose of examining how the unique, child-led education model prepares young people for the future. The results were staggering— read them here. The study......

  • What does your child want to be? When I ask my oldest, who is six years old, what he wants to be, his list goes on for minutes. He wants to be a husband and a funny dad, just like his father. He wants to......

  • It’s Not What You Know, It’s How Confidently You Know It What do teens really need in high school to prepare for success in college and beyond? It’s the question weighing most heavily on your mind. As your child prepares for the final stage of......

  • As parents, we’re naturally driven to find the competitive edge for our children. We’re constantly reminded of the fact that the workforce is fluid, getting ever more competitive, and there’s no sympathy for those who can’t keep up. So we fawn over test scores, agonize......

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