Spanish Language

The Denver Waldorf School curriculum incorporates Spanish as the offered world language. Children are introduced to the foundations for learning Spanish in our early childhood program, with lessons beginning in first grade. The intention is to not only learn a new language, but to also give students insights into other cultures.

Classes in all grades include poems, songs, stories, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary acquisition. The specific content and way these skills are incorporated is tailored to each class based on their stage of development. Spanish teachers strive to integrate the main lesson topics from the classroom teacher into the language lessons in support of our interdisciplinary approach to teaching.

High School Spanish Program

The Denver Waldorf High School Spanish Program serves both students who have matriculated through the grades at DWS and those who are new to Waldorf and have not yet been introduced to Spanish. The details of our five-level program include:

  • Level 1 — Tailored to new students who have never taken Spanish
  • Levels 2 and 3 — Focused on grammar and vocabulary
  • Levels 4 and 5 — Focused on literature and conversation

Spanish Club

The High School Spanish Club is ideal for students who want more of an international bent around this subject. The club participates in cultural activities such as learning how to cook the fare of Spanish-speaking cultures and countries and field trips beyond the borders of our country. As ambassadors of our school, club members also sponsor events such as the talent show.