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Combining the non-stop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football, a game of Ultimate is played by two teams with a frisbee on a field with end zones, similar to football.

Ultimate combines athletic skills that children learn through out their physical educations and can be easily applied to the sport of Ultimate. From the beginner to the elite player, Ultimate is a terrific sport that offers challenges at all levels of play. To learn more about the game of Ultimate and the season, click here for more detailed information.

The Denver Waldorf High School is the best for preparing teens for success.

Photos courtesy of Bruce Kelley

Ultimate Frisbee Coach Contact Information

High School

Matt “Woody” Woodhull – DWS Business Coordinator

Cruz Machado – Waldorf Alumnus and CU-Denver Ultimate Player

Middle School

Keenan Hand – DWS 5th Grade Teacher