Hooked on High School Basketball

Spartans basketball is an exciting and challenging way for high school students to build individual skills while learning teamwork and strategy as part of a group.

DWS competes against schools across the Front Range at the 1A level in the 5280 League.

Playoff Schedule

The Spartan Boys Basketball team has advanced to the playoffs. See the full lineup.

State Tournament Bracket

Catch the Spartans in the State Playoffs

The lineup for boys basketball’s 2021 state tournament bracket in Class 1A includes:

Round 1: Tuesday, March 9th — DWS vs. Eads Eagles (Away)

Sweet 16: Thursday, March 11th — Winner G2 vs. Belleview Christian (Away)

  • Time: TBD

Great 8: Thursday, March 11th — Winner G17 vs. Winner G18

  • Time: TBD

We are livestreaming home games so you won’t miss a beat, and you can even catch certain away games, too. Learn more below.

How to Watch High School Basketball Games

Membership to the NFHS Network is required to livestream high school basketball games. Options include:

  • Monthly membership: $10.99
  • Annual membership: $69.99
Membership includes access to all Spartan home games and most of our away games. Some schools might offer a different link at no cost for their home games.


Varsity Boys

  • #0 Will McHenry
  • #3 Alex Reynolds-Scheel
  • #5  Lucas Lewis
  • #10  Auden Opyd
  • #12  Oliver Reynolds-Scheel
  • #13  Dylan Quinn
  • #15  Izaak Hayes-Rogoff
  • #20  Kobi McMillen
  • #23  Neo Moss
  • #24  Eric Zong
  • #30  Jonah Carr
  • #31  Jasper Pastor
  • #32  Kairil Jaehnig
  • #33  Sam Hayes-Rogoff
  • #34  Jack Carr

Varsity Girls

  • #1 Eliza Blanning
  • #3 Daisy Nyman
  • #5 Liv Kujiper
  • #12 Hanna Witkoff
  • #13 Megan Blanning
  • #22 Maisa Volk
  • #24 Stazi Salazar

Learn More About DWS Athletics

Looking to learn more about the athletics program for middle and high school students? We want to hear from you! Contact Athletic Director Michael Quinn using the form below.


Our athletics program aims to reclaim youth sports for what they once were and always should have been: fun, communal and participatory. There are no tryouts or cuts, even through high school. Instead, each athlete is inspired to reach their highest potential, contributing to the team through enthusiasm, hard work, grace, and resilience. Every athlete has their place on our teams.

Learn more about what lives in the heart of Spartan sports and our strivings to serve the whole student in this blog post from Sarah Box.

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