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Spartan Hoops

Spartans basketball is an exciting and challenging way for middle and high school students to build individual skills while learning teamwork and strategy as part of a group.

DWS competes against schools across the Front Range at the 1A level in the 5280 League.

High School Basketball Game Schedule

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High School Sports Physical

All participating high school students must submit a completed High School Sports Physical Form by November 1st.

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Middle School Game Schedule

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Practice Schedule

Middle School

Regular Season (Beginning October 24th):


  • Monday⁠ — 3:45-5:15pm
  • Friday⁠ — 3:45-5:15pm


  • Wednesday⁠ — 3:45-5:15pm
  • Saturday⁠ — 10-11:30am

High School

Regular Season (Beginning November 14th):


  • TBD


  • TBD

How to Watch Middle and High School Basketball Games

Membership to the NFHS Network is required to livestream middle and high school basketball games. Options include:

  • Monthly membership: $11.99
  • Annual membership: $79.99
Membership includes access to all Spartan home games and most of our away games. Some schools might offer a different link at no cost for their home games.


Jim McMillen

Jim has been the middle school head coach for the past two years. Jim played through the high school varsity level and is still an avid player today that loves the game. He has been playing for 45 years and has coached middle school programs on and off for four years out of eight. Jim is a great coach when it comes to teaching fundamentals and understanding of the game.

Ron Burnett

Ron coached at The Denver Waldorf School several years ago for a couple year stint and is now back helping out the program. He has been an avid lover of the game from childhood. Ron is a fundamentalist at heart that focuses on performing drills to improve skill level. Moreover, he believes that the game of basketball, and sports in general, develops life skills that prepares youth for real-world situations. Ron uses the rules of the game and the basketball court itself to teach teamwork, problem solving, boundaries, self-discipline, personal accountability, and how to manage stressful situations.

Hugo Vant-Veer

Hugo Vant-Veer is a graduate of The Denver Waldorf School who played high school basketball during his time here. He played four years of club basketball in college at the University of Colorado Denver. Hugo also coaches at a local basketball club, Hoops Academy, as an assistant for the middle school and high school (2021-current). He also began coaching at CU Denver as an assistant for the club program in 2022.


Current middle school math teacher, Iliana Flefel started playing basketball in 5th grade and continued on the court through high school as a varsity starter at the Washington Waldorf School. In college, she played club for two years, and has been playing recreationally since. She has a deep love for the sport, not only because she finds it thrilling and exciting, but because players must work together as a single unit. About the sport, Coach Flefel remarks, “Each player on the court needs to be aware and in tune with their teammates. They need to move and flow together as one being. As a team, every player learns every position, plays both defense and offense, and has the chance to score. This leads to a feeling of equality and accomplishment for each student that joins the team. I believe all sports are truly about sportsmanship, athleticism, teamwork, and fun, and hope that I can lead the middle school girls into a season full of exciting challenges. Go Spartans!”

Learn More About DWS Athletics

Looking to learn more about the athletics program for middle and high school students? We want to hear from you! Contact Athletic Director Michael Quinn via email:


Our athletics program aims to reclaim youth sports for what they once were and always should have been: fun, communal and participatory. There are no tryouts or cuts, even through high school. Instead, each athlete is inspired to reach their highest potential, contributing to the team through enthusiasm, hard work, grace, and resilience. Every athlete has their place on our teams.

Learn more about what lives in the heart of Spartan sports and our strivings to serve the whole student in this blog post from Sarah Box.

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