Learning is a lifelong process, and an education that fosters critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and artistic expression prepares students to make meaningful contributions to the world. At the Denver Waldorf School, we value the development of the whole human being. Students engaged in our unique curriculum become original thinkers, creative innovators, and compassionate citizens.

Our school is committed to assembling a student body, faculty, and staff that reflects the economic, cultural, and ethnic diversity of the greater Denver area. Our tuition rates make our dynamic learning community accessible to a variety of families.

We also offer tuition adjustment (TA) and scholarships to uphold our commitment to economic diversity.

2023-2024 TuitionFinancial Aid

Enrollment Fee

A nonrefundable fee of $700 is required for enrollment in all programs. We discount that fee to $350 for current students who pay by January 31, 2023 and newly accepted students who pay within 10 business days of the invoice date.

Class Fund Fee

The following class funds fees are not included in the price of tuition:

  • Early Childhood Education: $500
  • Grades 1–5: $500
  • Grades 6–8: $600
  • Grades 9–12: $1,000

*Remember, you must take a tour to apply for enrollment!

Class Fund Fee includes:

  • All school supplies
  • Classroom snacks
  • Field trip costs
  • Class trip costs
  • Craft, art, and project supplies
  • Golden Knight supplies – kindergarten
  • Handwork supplies
  • Woodwork supplies
  • Recorder in grades 3 -8
  • Pentatonic flute in grades 1 – 2 for classroom use

Early Childhood Education Tuition

Preschool and Kindergarten: Ages 3½–6

Half-Day Tuition: 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

  • 5 half-days: Monthly Tuition – $1,719 (10 payments)
  • 4 half days: Monthly Tuition – $1,461 (10 payments)
  • 3 half-days: Monthly Tuition – $1,203.50 (10 payments)

Full-Day Tuition: 8:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.

  • 5 full-days: Monthly Tuition – $2,022.50 (10 payments)
  • 4 full days: Monthly Tuition – $1,719 (10 payments)
  • 3 full-days: Monthly Tuition – $1,416 (10 payments)

Only applicants who take a tour can enroll in the Waldorf program. Schedule an ECE tour today!

Early Childhood Program

Elementary School Tuition

Grades 1–5

Monthly Tuition – $2,022.50 (10 payments)

Elementary School

Middle School Tuition

Grades 6–8

Monthly Tuition – $2,072 (10 payments)

Middle School

High School Tuition

Grades 9–12

Monthly Tuition – $2,358.50 (10 payments)

High School

International Tuition

Grades 2–12

Monthly Tuition – Tuition + $400 (10 payments)

Financial Aid

Tuition Adjustments & Scholarship

The Denver Waldorf School offers tuition adjustment (TA) and scholarships. The availability of financial aid affirms our commitment to socio-economic diversity and ensures the intrinsic value of our programs is available to a wide range of families.

Flexible Tuition Ranges

Many families may qualify for a flexible tuition adjustment which will place tuition within a range based on financial resources. A limited number of need-based tuition grants, covering up to 50% of tuition, are also available for qualifying families.

2023-24 Flexible Tuition Range
Grades 1-5 $10,113 $20,225
Grades 6-8 $10,360 $20,720
Grades 9-12 $11,793 $23,585

Tuition Adjustment Eligibility & Deadlines

  • Eligibility

    • Current and prospective families may apply for tuition adjustment if their students are either in grades 1–12 or in their final year of kindergarten (enrolled for 5 full days).
  • Deadlines

    • Currently enrolled students: January 31, 2023* (for maximum qualifying amount)
    • Prospective students: Two weeks after acceptance (we encourage families to apply for TA during the enrollment process; available through January of the current school year)

Scholarship Eligibility & Deadlines

  • Eligibility

    • We offer need-based scholarships to prospective and currently enrolled students, as well as merit-based scholarships to currently enrolled students of The Denver Waldorf School.
  • Deadlines

    • Currently enrolled students: January 31, 2023
      Prospective students: Two weeks after acceptance

Payment Plans

Payment plans start June 1, 2023, and allow families to make payments:

  • Once
  • Twice
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly

All tuition must be paid in full by March 1, 2023.


Although the enrollment contract financially obligates families to pay the full amount of tuition and fees, regardless of withdrawal for any reason, unforeseen events occur. To help families protect their investment, we offer tuition insurance through PROTECT MY TUITION™.

Under this program, families pay an additional fee of 0.35% of each student’s net tuition. For a covered cause of loss, tuition insurance will pay the remaining portion of tuition and fees up to the coinsurance percentage listed on the policy.

DWS 2022-2023 Tuition Insurance Brochure