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The Denver Waldorf School offers a demanding, vigorous and inspiring curriculum that prepares students not only for college, but for a life of learning, creativity and contribution after college.

Graduates of The Denver Waldorf School have been well prepared to take their next steps towards independent adult life.

Most graduates of The Denver Waldorf School – about 80-90 percent – choose to matriculate into well-respected colleges or universities and many go on to pursue advanced degrees and a few choose to participate in gap-year programs, to volunteer abroad, or work in local business or travel independently.

Many Denver Waldorf School students receive college scholarships because Waldorf graduates stand out among their peers as being able to impart purpose and direction to their lives.

The Class of 2017 earned more than $2.2 million in scholarships calculated over a four-year period.

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The college admission process is an important rite of passage for many high school students, allowing them to gain independence, build confidence and, most importantly, prepare themselves for the college life. High School Chair Mike McHenry oversees our College Counseling Program at The Denver Waldorf School, and students also have access to Carolyn Francis, an independent college counselor. Read more about Carolyn Francis’ background here.

Both assist in guiding students through the college application process which includes essay writing, resume building, requests for letters of recommendation, preparation for standardized tests, and completion of applications. Students who want it have access to guidance in matching their interests and qualifications with the right colleges and universities.

For more details, see the newly updated DWS College Handbook.












Any questions about The Denver Waldorf School College Counseling Program may be directed to High School Chair Mike McHenry at 303-777-0531 x111 or Carolyn Francis at carolyn@carolynf.com.