College Counseling

Meaningful Next Steps

The Denver Waldorf School supports students to prepare for the post-high school experience that best suits their individual personalities, abilities, and inclinations. Students are guided to reflect on their paths and set future goals while planning for college, a gap year, certificate programs, or other options that might be available.

College in a COVID World

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students and parents are exploring the value of a traditional four-year college, and travel restrictions are altering some gap year plans. Now more than ever, each student’s personal situation will drive these decisions, and The Denver Waldorf School is here to help.

High School Roundtable

During our first two sessions of the High School Roundtable, we discuss the changing landscape of college admissions and share a college-prep checklist.

Watch College After Covid

The Waldorf Advantage

Waldorf’s well-rounded curriculum lends itself well to applications for college and numerous other post-graduation opportunities. In addition to keen exploratory minds shaped by hands-on experience in traditional academic subjects, students also have broad skills in the visual arts, theater, sports, music, woodworking, cooking, building—and in less tangible social skills, such as conflict resolution, group dynamics, and asserting individual boundaries—all of which prepares them for a wide variety of ways to serve their communities as global leaders.

Meet College and Post-Secondary Guidance Counselor Laura Shope

We are thrilled to announce Laura Shope as our new College and Post-Secondary Guidance Counselor beginning in the 2021-2022 school year. In this role, she will help to chart the next course for students graduating from The Denver Waldorf High School, and will support other academic and career preparation needs throughout their high school years. Specifically, she will: 

  • Provide support and guidance for college admissions and financial aid, internships, gap-year experiences, trade schools, and entrepreneurial opportunities. 
  • Interface on behalf of each student regarding college admissions, financial aid, and trade programs, as well as assist with essay writing and student applications. 
  • Assess students’ academic progress to meet requirements of specific colleges and alternate programs 
  • Develop programs to teach students and parents about the college admissions process 
  • Assist students in their search for scholarships and other supportive programs
  • Act as a liaison with various colleges, universities, and programs that support volunteering, internships, gap years, and trades 
  • Develop local partnerships for students looking to pursue internships and volunteer opportunities

About Laura Shope

Laura Shope is coming to us from the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, where she has been the High School Student Support Coordinator and High School Administrator for the past three years, and a parent in the Waldorf community for more than 17 years. She has extensive training in career development and personal coaching, along with having recently completed her Waldorf High School Teacher Training through the Center for Anthroposophy. Her plans for working with our students and faculty include creating a rich program of self-reflection, support, and clarity around the decisions the students make for their plans after high school.

Laura is a passionate artist and works with stone, clay, wood, weaving, and plaster to create abstract forms. She and her husband, Dale Jensen, are outdoor enthusiasts and look forward to their move to Colorado. They have two sons, Wilder and Corbin, who attended Waldorf schools from preschool through grade 12 (Corbin will graduate from RSSAA in 2022).


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