Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At The Denver Waldorf School, we believe diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strengthen our community, improve our education, and foster the essential element of respect that prepares students to thrive and contribute in a global environment.

As an intentional and open community, we welcome people of all races, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, religions, and experiences. Together, our students and their families, faculty and staff, alumni, and leadership strive to foster belonging in every member of the DWS community.

This commitment naturally springs from the Waldorf educational philosophy that embraces the spiritual nature of all beings, champions human rights, and celebrates the diversity of humankind. The Waldorf educational movement has deep roots, beginning with its founder, Rudolf Steiner, over 100 years ago.

Like many institutions founded a century ago, Waldorf education has evolved over the years. As a school, we strive to build upon that which is true, beautiful, and good; incorporate new ideals and fresh ideas to provide the twenty-first century education that our students deserve; and explicitly reject those aspects of Steiner’s writings that we find disconsonant with our values. In particular, we acknowledge and expressly reject Steiner’s writings that contain racist, misogynistic, and otherwise bigoted viewpoints.

Importantly, we embrace the noble tenants of Waldorf education: morality, progress, and love for all human beings. Steiner once wrote, “social morality is a plant, which has its roots in the school classroom.” We humbly accept this responsibility, nurturing within each of our students a sense of social morality and justice. Consequently, embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion is a moral and educational imperative.

We commit to studying, teaching, and incorporating anti-racist principles that recognize our society’s struggles and chart a path forward to belonging, love, and growth.

Our Work

We seek to acknowledge and celebrate the existing diversity within The Denver Waldorf School while also striving to better represent the numerous cultures of the world in which we live. In doing so, we hope that our students may learn from one another and become citizens of the world, enabling them to understand and appreciate varying viewpoints, cultures, and ways of being.

To foster an inclusive environment that supports a diverse community, our school offers numerous ways to get involved in this important work, including: our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee; parent education webinars; affinity student group; parent-led efforts such as the Racial Justice Parent Group and the Diverse Book Drive; professional development opportunities for faculty and staff; our Diversity Scholarship; and more.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The DEI Committee is a dedicated group of faculty, administration, board members, and parents who seek to catalyze and support meaningful transformation in critical areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion at The Denver Waldorf School.

The DEI Committee endeavors to create an inclusive community of faculty, staff, parents, and students by working to address and dismantle oppression within our DWS community. Committee meetings provide a forum for discussion, education, and exploration of issues of various identities, including but not limited to age, ancestry, color, creed, disability, family composition, gender, gender-identification, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

The committee helps shape The Denver Waldorf School as a place where families, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds feel welcomed, valued, and seen. This committee is required to complete the goals of a mandate that is built by the DEI committee and approved by the Board of Trustees for each school year. Working on the objectives of the mandate is the priority for each year.

Diversity & Inclusivity Scholarship

The Denver Waldorf School Diversity and Inclusivity Scholarship supports those who belong to a racial, ethnic, cultural, or other group that has been historically underrepresented at our school. The Diversity and Inclusivity Scholarship is awarded through a needs-based criteria and is open to all students that represent this group applying to or attending DWS.

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Parent Belonging Group

The Denver Waldorf Parent Belonging Group (formerly known as the Racial Justice Parent Group) is committed to exploring the issues of race, identity, gender, neurodiversity, and more by deepening our awareness through studying, growing, connecting, and taking action together. We are a collaborative and dedicated group of lifelong learners and Waldorf families who are committed to the process of deepening their knowledge, awareness, introspection, and advocacy skill sets around these issues through connection, discussion, book study, supplemental materials, and taking action to become the change we want to see in the community.

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Affinity Group

Waldorf education instills within our students a sense of social responsibility and commitment to strengthen the communities we share. As a part of this work, The Denver Waldorf School has established an affinity group to empower 7th -12th grade students who identify as people of color, or as part of the global majority. Through this affinity group, we hope to give voice to our students and recognize how they wish to be celebrated in our community. We strive in this effort to hear the voices that have been underrepresented and facilitate connection with each other and trusted adults.