If you missed the virtual Town Hall hosted by The Denver Waldorf School on February 9, 2022, please watch the recording below. During this event, we heard from DWS Directors Kelly Church, Vernon Dewey, Brie Kaiser, Jen Lamboy, and Laurie Thompson as well as Board of Trustees Co-Chair Ryan Gregory and Operations Manager Christa Gustafson.

Answers to Community Questions

During the virtual Town Hall, we received a couple of questions, answered below by Finance Director Laurie Thompson.

A distinguishing feature of Waldorf education is the depth of our first through eighth curriculum that addresses the educational and developmental needs of the whole child. In addition to their classroom teacher, students have dedicated teachers for handwork, woodwork, choral music, instrumental music, Spanish, physical education and movement. Our high school offers a very low student/teacher ratio, employing teachers with specialized knowledge and experience in the core subject areas and  additional adjunct teachers for a wide variety of elective and specialized classes. 

As an independent school we provide all administrative and other student support in-house, rather than relying on the larger infrastructure found in a public school system.

We have a comprehensive five year budget that is managed in conjunction with the Finance Committee and the Board of Trustees to ensure that all school wide priorities are balanced. Budgetary priorities are based on our mission, which is the delivery of a robust Waldorf education that meets the criteria of both ACIS (Association of Colorado Independent Schools) and AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools of North America) through which we are accredited.