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The Denver Waldorf School Library

The DWS Library has grown from a single bookcase in the hallway at the Florida Street location years ago to our current beautiful space with a catalog of more than 4,000 fiction and non-fiction titles. We are able to purchase some titles with our small budget, but primarily rely on book donations and fundraisers to buy materials. Book donations are always welcome!

The intention of the Library is primarily to promote literacy by encouraging a joy of reading through books of choice. Secondarily, the Library serves as a resource for student research on Colorado, other American states, animals, insects, plants and later foreign counties, biographies and historical events. Thirdly, the Library provides appropriate books to be used with students who need support from DWS Reading Specialist Mary Spotts and her staff of tutors. Mrs. Spotts provides reading evaluations of all students at the beginning of 3rd grade as well as during the middle of 5th and 9th grades.

The DWS Library primarily serves grades 1 through 8, although occasionally Kindergarteners visit with a parent and High School students sometimes stop by to browse books. Grades 3-6 visit the library one morning every week to select books and have free reading time. First graders sometimes visit the Library with their 8th graders for read-aloud time. All students are encouraged to check books out to read.

The Library is always open to students during the school day. Students may use the Library for quiet reading or study before and after school.


2018 Read-a-Thon

A school-wide event benefiting the DWS Library


For Donors

Where will the money go?

The first $3,000 of proceeds raised from the Read-a-Thon and Book Fair (below) will fund audio-book software called Learning Ally as well as needed supplies and materials.

Check out more information about Learning Ally


Contact Matt Woodhull with any questions at community@denverwaldorf.com.