In February, we kicked off our High School Roundtable with DWHS faculty and staff and independent Education Counselor Carolyn Francis to discuss the post-Covid college application process, taking a gap year, and more. Watch both recordings of College After Covid below.

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College-Prep Checklist

Common questions that surface for high school students and parents include everything from when to take the ACT or SAT and how to search for schools. Download our 10-step checklist to help stay on track.

College-Prep Checklist

Recordings for the February Sessions of the DWS High School Roundtable

Part 1 — February 5, 2021

Part 2 — February 5, 2021

About the High School Roundtable

The High School Roundtable is a monthly webinar series serving DWS families. The aim is to bring guidance on navigating high school to the table.

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The Denver Waldorf School is a Denver-based independent school that is currently enrolling preschool through high school students. Schedule an in-person to learn more on our curriculum, admissions process, financial aid, and more.