We were fortunate enough to capture a few of the grades in action during our Faraway Family and Friends’ Days before abruptly returning to remote learning. This included 1st, 3rd and 10 grades and two music sessions with the high school. Our goal is to highlight the rest of the grades when the students return in person.

These were recorded via Zoom, so the quality is not top-notch, and you might see a few cameos of our faraway friends. But the time spent by all was pure gold! We hope you enjoy!

First Grade Recites a Poem About Jack Frost

Look out, Look out
Jack Frost is about
He’s after your fingers and toes
And all through the night the gay little sprite
Is working where nobody knows.

To windows he’ll creep
And while you’re asleep
Such wonderful pictures he’ll make
He’ll climb each tree
So nimble is he
His silvery powder he’ll shake
Across the grass he’ll merrily pass
And change all its greenness to white
Then home he will go
And laugh, “Ho, Ho, Ho
What fun I have had in the night!”

2nd Grade Singing and Woodwork

The sweet voices of our all-heart 2nd graders began the event in song before showing family and friends their “spreaders” crafted during woodwork with Industrial Arts Teacher David Dunn.

3rd Grade Form Drawing

Never a dull moment with Jennifer Grahnquist’s 3rd grade class! We are not sure who had more fun, the students or the grandparents?

4th Grade Poem, Stick Song, and Morning Verse in Spanish

In their study of original peoples of this land, Magally Luna’s 4th grade class offered a feast for the senses.

5th Grade Hums in Rounds

Charlie Orphanides and his vibrant 5th grade class hums two old favorites and a new song in rounds.

6th Grade Dancing in the Festival Hall

Long-time Waldorf educator Vicki Hindes grooves with Ben Reynold’s 6th grade class and closes with a Magic Carpet Ride, bringing the audience to their feet.

7th Grade Handwork and Strings

Keenan Hand’s 7th grade class splits the event with half the class making dolls and crafting felt murals with Practical Arts Teacher Deb Wolf and the other half charming the audience in strings class with Music Teacher Sara Fierer.

8th Grade Math

While studying platonic solid shapes, Vernon Dewey’s 8th grade class wowed the audience by making an octahedron out of paper.

10th Grade Art Class

Kimberly Martin takes us on a class tour of all the different mediums her 10th grade students are exploring.

High School Strings

Sara Fierer and her high school strings class delight the audience with a couple colorful tunes. At DWS, students pick up a stringed instrument in the 3rd grade and have the opportunity to continue playing through high school.

High School Percussion

Sara Feirer and her high school percussion class take on buckets! In a non-Covid year, our music program allows for choral and wind instruments. This year, we got a bit creative, and are experiencing a different flavor of fun.