denver waldorf high school volleyball senior night 2022

Spartan Senior Night

Celebrating 3 Spartan Seniors on October 13th

It is with gratitude, excitement, and joy that we honor our beloved 12th graders on Senior Night — a DWS tradition taking place during the varsity volleyball game versus Flatirons Academy on October 13th. About these one-of-a-kind athletes, Coach Robert Houser reflected the following:

Maea Flemming

Three-year varsity player and our two-year-in-a-row team captain, Maea is one of the team's most consistent players. She is one of the top servers on our team and is the number one right side/opposite in the league. When the game is on the line, we know we can trust her.

Caylah Shapiro

Four-year varsity player and our top defensive player on the team, Caylah has consistently led our team and the league in digs. She has changed the outcomes of games in her role as a libero giving us several opportunities to win games.

Shanti Heideman Cain

Three-year varsity player and one of the most well rounded players we have had the opportunity to coach, Shanti is aggressive at the net and makes college level shots while also owning the back row. Barring an early season injury, she would be leading the league in several categories.

Red Rocks viewed from trail

Spartan 100-Mile Challenge

The Spartan 100 is a summertime 100-mile challenge that runs from June 1, 2022 through September 1, 2022. Open to all who wish to walk/run, this virtual event requires participants to independently track and submit their own miles on a weekly basis. Learn more and register for this free event sponsored by The Denver Waldorf School Cross Country Team.
*Spartan 300 participants will aim to tackle 300 miles as noted below.

2022 Spartan 100 Participants


Spartan Age Miles
Jett B 6th Grade TBD
Harper C 4th Grade 1.5
Jason C 43 24.25
Jessie C 42 1.5
Winslow C 2nd Grade 1.75
Coen C 9th Grade 8
Joe C 48 TBD
Kelly C 48 14
Alicia C 43 5
Vivian D 7th Grade TBD
Nikki D 48 TBD
Mariana D 52 21.99
Owen D 11 15
Maea F 12th Grade TBD
Haviana F 7th Grade TBD
Nevreah F 6th Grade TBD
Charley F 3rd Grade 1.25
Josh F 3rd Grade 1.25
Laura F 3rd Grade 1.25
Pippa F 3rd Grade 1.25/td>
Matt G 41 14.38
Erin G 44 TBD
Lara G 8th Grade TBD
Liam G 9th Grade TBD
Ryan G 46 TBD
Huxlee H 1st Grade 7
Donna H 50 2.5/td>
Portia H 5th Grade TBD
Emilia H (and Snoopy) 5th Grade 11
Jenn H* 39 13.04
Charlotte H 9 2.14
Maxim I 13 5
Yasmin I 52 5
Brie K 42 7
Allister K 7th Grade 4
Briana K 45 5
Cameron K 51 10
Marley K 15 TBD
Emily K 2 TBD
Jason K 6 TBD
Kaitlin K 32 TBD
Jen L* 45 32.25
Róisín L 6th Grade 3.75
Bella M 23 TBD
Kimberly M TBD
Navi M 12 TBD
Sarah M 47 TBD
Liam M 7th Grade 6
Jason M 10.13
Kimberley M 43 14.26
Amelie N 3rd Grade TBD
Lola N 5th Grade TBD
Trayci P 50 TBD
Henry R 14 TBD
Sara R 51 TBD
Isaac R 5th Grade TBD
Mike R 45 TBD
Tim R 7th Grade TBD
Hannah R 32 6
Ella R 5th Grade TBD
Emily R TBD
Stazi S 18 TBD
Aria S 4th Grade 5.83
Denise S 44 7.88
Giada S 7th Grade 5.83
Laura S 53 7
Anna S 52 17.6
Jed S 48 TBD
Micah S 8th Grade TBD
Raya S 6th Grade TBD
Elle S 9th Grade TBD
Jens S 7th Grade TBD
Nancy T 61 TBD
Alison T 61 TBD
Tzeching W TBD
Michelle W 53 TBD
Matt W TBD

Spartan Senior Night

Celebrating 7 Spartan Seniors on February 14th

It is with gratitude, excitement, and joy that we honor our beloved 12th graders on Senior Night — a DWS tradition taking place during the varsity basketball game versus Mile High Academy on February 14th. About these one-of-a-kind athletes, Coach Quinn reflected the following:

What an amazing group of senior athletes we have this year! In fact, they are the most winningest group to have come through DWS to date! They have put in a lot of time, hard work, and dedication into multiple sports throughout the last four years, helping to make our Spartan Athletics Program an even bigger success! Personally, I'd like to say thank you to them and their families for all of their hard work and support the past four years! Read below to get to know more about these incredible athletes. GO SPARTANS!

Eliza Blanning

Eliza Blanning is a four-year player (three with Denver Waldorf and one at Denver South). A captain every year here at DWS, she has shown great leadership and dedication to the program. The leading scorer on the girls' team all 3 years, but she also does everything a coach could ask for on the court in leading the team rebounding. She blocked shots while also handling the ball a lot for the team.

Stazi Salazar

Stazi Salazar is a three-year player who has been extremely dedicated to the basketball program and has improved tremendously over the past years. She is a hard working and unselfish player who does all the little things a team needs and probably doesn't get the recognition she deserves. We appreciate all she does!

Daisy Macomber

Daisy Macomber is a three-year player who is very committed and has also improved very much over her time on the team. Daisy is tough and scrappy. She will not back down on the court and is a defensive pest. Her shot has really improved, and she always pushes herself and her teammates to be better.

Dylan Quinn

A starter during all four years, Dylan Quinn was also a captain as a Junior and Senior. Dylan finished as the school’s all-time leading scorer with 956 points, and holds the single game points record (39 points in a game). He is the school’s leading 3-pt shooter with 173 made 3’s. Dylan’s commitment to the basketball team and this program has been second to none. He's been our primary point guard and ball handler all four years. Dylan averaged a career high of 17.5 points a game and 33% shooting from 3. Dylan was selected to the 5280 All League 2nd team for the second time (was also an Honorable Mention previously 2 previous times).

Will McHenry

A captain and a starter during all four years on Varsity, Will McHenry finished as the school’s second all-time leading scorer with 919 career points. He is also the school’s leading rebounder with 648 rebounds in his career. Will plays with tremendous heart and energy in every game, and is one of, if not the hardest working players I’ve ever coached. A very efficient scorer inside and out, Will averaged a career high 16.7 points and 13 rebounds per game. Will was selected to the 5280 All League 1st team for the first time (was also 2nd Team and 2x Honorable Mention previously).

Jonah Carr

Jonah Carr is a four-year varsity player who has shown growth every year and has developed into a pillar of our team' success during this amazing 4-year run. Jonah does all of the little things that a coach loves and a player hardly gets credit for. He has always taken on the task of guarding the best "bigs" on the other team and isn't afraid of the challenge. He’s dedicated and has worked extremely hard to become one of the top players in the school program. Jonah averaged a career high of 11.3 points and 5.4 rebounds per game this year. Jonah was selected to 5280 All League 2nd Team (his 1st selection).

Lucas Lewis

Lucas Lewis is a four-year Varsity player who brings a lot of energy and athleticism to our team. He is a versatile player who can score in multiple ways offensively, he's a slasher that can also shoot from the perimeter. Defensively at times, he's been asked to guard the best player on the court inside and out and has locked them down. Lucas has battled through a lot of injuries in his career but has always persevered and found away to get back onto the court to help our team. He’s an exciting player to watch and has improved his scoring average every year over the past 4 years including this year averaging a career best 10.6 points and 5.2 rebounds a game. Lucas was selected as Honorable Mention 5280 All League team member (his 1st Selection).

Spartan Senior Night

Celebrating Margaret Hecox and Alexie Pearson

It is with gratitude, excitement, and joy that we honor our beloved 12th graders on Senior Night — a DWS tradition taking place during the varsity girls basketball game on April 21st. About these incredible students, Coach Quinn reflected the following.

Margaret Hecox

Margaret is a four-year varsity player who has improved every year and is now an integral player on this year's team. As a starter for the past two seasons on varsity, she has brought stability with her skills and ability on the court and versatility to the team by playing multiple positions selflessly. Margaret has a great attitude and is a good teammate who supports the players around her!

Alexie Pearson

Lexie has been a huge part of the teams success over the past years as the starting setter for all four years of her varsity career! Her leadership and dedication is an irreplaceable part of the program. She has been an 5280 All League selection (2nd Team, 1st Team, 2nd Team, voted on by opposing league coaches) all three previous years with another selection is in the future and Player of the Year possibilities.
The Spartans Volleyball program will miss you both! Thank you for all of the hard work dedication and heart you have given to our school and program!

Basketball Season Highlights

Reflecting on a Stellar Spartan Basketball Season

About the 2021 Spartan Basketball season, our coaches had plenty of positive things to say:

We saw a resurgence of the girls program, led by a group of Juniors (Eliza Blanning, Stazi Salazar, Daisy Neyman, and Liv Kuijper) and some talented newcomers (transfer Hannah Witkoff and Freshmen Maisa Volk and Megan Blanning). The Spartans will return a strong core of players that grew throughout this season. They look to add some talented 8th graders to the mix next year to make a strong push at a league title next year!

The boys team continued to accept tough challenges again this year, and for the third consecutive season, they made State contention post-season play. The Spartan boys are losing a couple of valuable seniors (Kobi McMillen, Jack Carr, and Alex Reynolds-Scheel), but are returning a strong core of players that are hungry for bigger things. Led by the Junior class (Will McHenry,  Dylan Quinn, Lucas Lewis, Izzak Hayes-Rogoff, Jonah Carr, and Jasper Pastor), this Spartan team is battle-tested and will be ready to make its mark next year in our league and in the state!

In the Coaches' Words

Overall, this year's basketball season was such a huge success, considering up until mid-December there was no guarantee of a season due to Covid restrictions. We are so very proud of all of our student athletes for their hard work and commitment to our school and sports program!

"We had a great season—something to build upon—not just for our team but for our school. The future is bright for DWS Girls Basketball."
—Brian Davis, Denver Waldorf Girls Basketball Head Coach

"Our boys team fought through a tough season of uncertainty and made it to the State Tournament playing and giving their all. We look forward to growing in the off-season and coming back stronger than ever."
—Michael Quinn, Denver Waldorf Boys Basketball Head Coach

All League Awards

We would also like to acknowledge a few players who were recognized for their achievements on the court by other coaches with the league. All League Awards are a breakdown of the top players in the league (1st team the the top 5 players in the league, 2nd team represents at top 10 player in the league and Honorable Mention represents players in the top 10-18 players).

1st Team All-League

Will McHenry

2nd Team All-League

Eliza Blanning

Honorable Mention

Dylan Quinn
Hannah Witkoff
Maisa Volk

Congratulations on a great year! GO SPARTANS!

Spartan Senior Night

Celebrating Kobi McMillen, Alex Reynolds, and Jack Carr

It is with gratitude, excitement, and joy that we honor our beloved 12th graders on Senior Night — a DWS tradition taking place during the varsity boys basketball game on March 4th. About these incredible students, Coach Quinn reflected the following.

Kobi McMillen

Kobi is a four-year varsity player who has started the past two years. He was an integral part of two consecutive runs to the Regional tournament. His hard work and determination on the court were second to none!

Alex Reynolds-Scheel

Alex came to us a couple years ago from Chile and immediately made an impact with his relentless work ethic. He is probably the most supportive, protective teammate and team player I've ever been around. And he's an even better person off the court!

Jack Carr

Jack came to us two years ago from Florida after he came to visit the Carr family. Having never played basketball on an official team, he's made huge strides in these two years and has worked his way into a prominent position on the team including being a starter most of his senior year! He's become a strong shooter and continuously learns and improves on his game.