The shared snacks in our kindergartens are an integral part of our daily and weekly rhythms. It is another element that brings consistency and predictability to the children, helping to foster a sense of comfort and security in their world around them. The children often know the days of the week by our snack, asking “is it soup day?!” instead of asking “is it Wednesday?!”

On soup day, they start the morning by coming around the table ready to have a hand in purposeful work. They chop the vegetables together, with everyone contributing to the shared meal. It is a time for our little ones to understand how our food is made, to participate in meaningful work, to work on their fine motor skills, to appreciate the entire process and all of the smells and tastes that go with it, and to celebrate the importance of gathering around the table.

On this wintry day at home during break, we thought we would share one of our much loved kindergarten soup recipes below so you can enjoy it together with your children.

Larkspur Kindergarten Vegetable Soup

1 large or 2 medium of each of the following veggies:
sweet potato
3 or 4 carrots and stalks of celery
avocado oil to taste
bouillon cubes to taste (we use Rapunzel brand Vegetable Bouillon with Herbs)
salt to taste

Cooked millet to serve as an add-in:
1 cup of millet
2 cups of water
1/2 stick of butter
salt to taste

Chop all the veggies very small. Saute the onion and celery in avocado oil until soft. Add water, bouillon, and chopped veggies to the pot. Cook until all the veggies are soft.

Add millet, water, and salt to a rice cooker, or cook on the stove. When finished, add butter and let melt. Offer as an add-in to the soup.

Serve with cheese cubes and crackers. Enjoy!