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Wisdom of Waldorf – The Value of Handwork

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Handwork is as integral to Waldorf education as drawing. Creating with ones hands focuses the will and intention, and as discussed in this article linked below, can promote mental health and well-being especially when it brings one into relationship within community. The author’s words express this beautifully –

“In our social media age, as we become more physically distanced from each other, sewing is a safeguard to isolation, a way to stay in touch with each other: hand and mind working in harmony to convey what lies in our hearts. For me and others, it sustains not just a sense of self but of belonging.”

Yes, it’s great for our children…and…for those of you who are so inclined, getting involved in sewing, knitting and other crafts is one of the great benefits of being a Waldorf parent. My personal favorite handwork activity is felting!

Sandra Easter, PhD


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