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Wisdom of Waldorf – Fairy Tales

Below is an article from Brain Pickings, one of my personal favorite online journals. The topic – Albert Einstein on Fairy Tales and Education. His advice to a mother who wanted to know what her son should read to become a scientist – read fairy tales!

Fairy tales, myths, and other forms of story are integral to the Waldorf curriculum. They feed the imagination and facilitate brain development in children…and…as Dr. von Kugelgen, who after taking 4 classes through the grades, devoted himself in retirement to early childhood education wrote, they connect us with

“the ancient mysteries and truths of what lies behind the sun, moon and stars, and in animals, plants and stones . . . They also tell of what is revealed in the twisting paths of human life and in the struggle with all that is downgrading, violent or tempting, and of what, as the essence of humanity, steps being unborn into existence and sees again its immortality in death”.

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