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Ariel Elich, Denver Waldorf AlumMy name is Ariel Elich and I graduated from The Denver Waldorf School in 2007. I went on to study Photography at the Art Institute of Colorado. After college I found myself a little lost, not really knowing what I wanted to do with my new skills and education.

I knew I wanted to travel and I had the money to keep me abroad for quite some time, but I also knew I didn’t just want to blow all my money on traveling for a year and then be back to square one when I came back.

One night around a campfire, my sister Rachele (also Waldorf Alumni – Class of ’02) and I were reminiscing about a childhood dream we had of sailing around the world. It hit us then that this was actually a dream we still harbored in our hearts.

We decided that we wanted to buy a boat, or at least look into it. Sounds crazy right? It was a crazy idea and we knew it! But we went ahead and started crunching some numbers to see if this was really something we could turn into a business. Low and behold the numbers worked out.

A “Synchronicity of Destinies”

The next hurdle was to find that “perfect boat” that we had been dreaming of all these years. At first the search for our boat seemed bleak. We found lots of nice boats that were way out of our price range, and the ones that were in our price range were junk barely afloat! Then (to quote a wise man) in a “synchronicity of destinies,” we stumbled across One World, a beautiful, affordable, 64-foot Brigantine Schooner. It was love at first sight. From that moment, our world became One World.

Three very short months later we had sold most of our worldly possessions and moved out of the country to Panama (where the boat was at the time we bought it) We worked between Panama and Columbia for about a year and a half, taking backpackers between the two countries and through some very picturesque islands in Panama, it was good work and good money but alas our wandering hearts were ready for a new adventure!

One World - DWS Alumni Profile On December 17th 2012 we set out from Columbia and sailed 2,500 nautical miles across the Caribbean sea all the way to Florida. It was one adventure after the next! Now the boat is in Florida having regular maintenance done before we set out for the Yucatan peninsula and Roatan in Honduras.

We now offer space on the boat for as long as a person would like to stay with us. We keep our prices affordable because, after all, we started this whole thing so we could travel and see the world and share that experience with like-minded adventurous people.

DWS Education: The greatest gift

Our ultimate goal is to make a complete circumnavigation of the world and we plan to cross the Pacific Ocean in the next year or so. It has been an amazing experience so far and I like to think that without my Waldorf education I would not have had the courage, creativity and wit to pull this all off. My hat is off to everyone at the Denver Waldorf School and I give a big thanks for the greatest gift I have ever received: My education.

You can check out our website at www.sailingoneworld.com, where you can find links to our Facebook page, blog and lots of photos! My photography website is currently under construction but should be finished and back up and running in the near future at www.arielelich.com.

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