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Circus Club

Activities offered are tumbling, juggling, tight wire (2’ high), poi, unicycle, hand balancing and beginning fabric aerials. These activities help integrate the proprioceptive and vestibular systems, spatial awareness and balance to promote healthy physical development. In today’s screen-filled world, circus skills training offers an engaging alternative in providing opportunities for movement and coordination. And of course, circus arts are fun!

Circus Registration Fall 2018 – Info & Registration Coming SOON!

Waldorf Circus Club

Archery Club

The Archery Club was founded in 1999 as an after-school, self-funded, extracurricular activity. Students in Grades 6 through 12 are invited to join at a cost of $25 per semester. Funds are used to add, maintain, and replace equipment. The goal of the archery club is to safely introduce the students to the sport and to provide the physical and mental training needed to become a skilled archer. Another goal of the archery club is to provide another means of enjoying outdoor recreation. The club uses “traditional” archery equipment to emphasize the archer’s skills, no sights, mechanical releases, pulley or cams. The mood of the club is non-competitive, safe and fun.

After School Enrichment Programs

Information coming soon!

Waldorf Archery Club

Math Contest/Club

Each year, high school students are invited to enter a math contest sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America. Typically, a number of students participate in this annual event. Interested students may also meet weekly as a math club to work on contest problems or other math questions.


DWS Summer Reading Lists 2nd – 8th Grades

The Library Committee and Class Teachers are pleased to present the DWS Summer Reading for students in rising 2nd through 8th grades.
Your student should of received a Summer Reading folder the last week of school. The links below include all of the materials in case it didn’t make it home and for all of the new students joining us in August.


DWS High School Reading List

DWS High School Summer Reading List

Community Service

Community service activities are organized by faculty and parents and could include Kindergartners distributing Valentine posies to neighbors or eighth grade students working at homeless shelters. Seniors and students in Grade 8 have community service built into their curriculum. Other activities might include singing and playing recorders in nursing homes, food drives to local shelters, knitting blankets for elderly, reading to children in hospital, gardening at community shelters, and performing puppet shows in the community. High School students are required to complete twenty hours of community service each year.