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Hear from School Director Kelly Church

DWS is committed to doing what we can to support families who believe they may no longer be able to afford a Waldorf education due to a change in their financial situation. Our new Stand Together Assistance Relief (STAR) Fund offers one-time need-based financial relief for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Offering the STAR Fund is done with a sense of deep commitment to our families and community. DWS offers more than an education. The school offers a partnership for home life, a journey of soulful discovery and a lens through which we view this world. Together, as a community, we prepare our high school seniors to graduate confident and adaptable ready to thrive in our complex world.

We believe now more than ever is the time for us to stand strong and stand together so we can continue serving all our families as a healing and stabilizing force in this world.

About the STAR Fund

If you are unsure whether you can afford to attend school next year you may apply to the STAR Fund for tuition relief. Details on the STAR Fund are as follows:


  • The Fund is made available to new and existing DWS families who are planning to or have committed to enroll in the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Prioritization of awards will be given to current families. A small amount of funds will be made available for new families.
  • Relief will be one-time for the 2020-2021 school year.


  • Applications will open from May 1 and will close May 15.
  • Awards will be communicated beginning May 20.
  • Apply through the below link.
  • Families will be asked to submit a brief application with a financial statement of need.
  • Please only apply for necessary funding and consider the needs of the whole community.
  • All information included in the applications will be confidential.

Award Determination

  • Awards will be made outside of DWS tuition adjustment and scholarships.
  • Awards are based upon the availability of funds and applicants are not guaranteed funding.
  • Awards are made in the context of preserving the longevity and financial health of the school, beyond COVID-19.
  • The determination of awards will be made by members of the STAR Fund Task Force.

Award Responsibilities

  • If and when your financial situation recovers, we respectfully ask you make an appropriate contribution to the school, so the school may continue to offer financial support where and when needed.
  • Awarded funds will be applied toward tuition.
  • Acceptance of a STAR Fund award is independent of your enrollment contract.

How to Apply

  1. Click on the link to the right to apply. The application is simple and opens May 1.
  2. Submit application by May 15.
  3. Look for award notification via email starting May 20.


For questions on how to apply, please email Craig Bond at development@denverwaldorf.org.

How to Contribute

Thank you for your support of the Denver Waldorf School. 

We invite all community members to join in our Stand Together movement. You can give through a financial donation, and/or by spreading the word about our distinctive education.

Make a Donation

We understand this time of uncertainty has been difficult on all of us, in both shared and unique ways.  If you are, however, able to give, please do so now.  All donations, large or small, matter and contribute to the spirit of Standing Together.

Your generosity allows for students and families to continue their journey at our amazing and unique school — one that provides a healing and soulful education where students graduate with confidence and an authentic sense of self. In addition to helping our families stay in the school, the STAR Fund will help support our staff and faculty as they create the flexible, efficient and impactful solutions demanded of these times.  

It is in challenging times like these when our responsibility to carry forward our healing force in the world is most important.

Spread the Word

Often the best and most natural way to spread the word about the Denver Waldorf School is by sharing a story.  Please contribute to the STAR Fund by telling friends and/or family members a fun and interesting story about your child/ren’s education.  Be confident, authentic and joyful.

Stories including distance learning, the close relationships faculty have with students and families, and the uniqueness of our curriculum would be most compelling at this time. Ironically, for a school that intentionally limits using technology in the classroom, many in our community have complimented the school on adapting its curriculum to a distance learning offering.

Looking Forward

As we plan the future, DWS is doing everything possible to emerge from these times more efficient, effective, and resilient. By standing together we can become stronger.

For all of us at DWS, we extend our warmest gratitude. Thank you.

STAR Fund Donation


If you are, however, able to give, please do so now.  All donations, large or small, matter and contribute to the spirit of Standing Together.

If you would like to make a donation of a different amount, please contact Catherine Boe.

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