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Snow Day Policy - The Denver Waldorf School
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The Denver Waldorf School alerts families to snow days by 6:30 am via email, website and local media. If no announcement is made by 6:30 am, it is a regular school day.

Our snow policy calls for a designated faculty or staff person to monitor the weather during times of heavy snow. We will be looking at how the weather affects the safety of our families traveling to school and if the quality of education would be minimized by inclement weather.

If it is felt that a snow day is necessary, a decision will be made by 6:30 am and local TV and radio stations will be contacted. A message will also be put on the school phone system and website, and all kindergarten, class teachers and high school staff will be notified. The school will also notify parents via broadcast email. If parents are not advised of a snow day by 6:30 am, that means it is a regular school day. No email will be sent to confirm regular school days.

The school does not have late-arrival policies for snow, however students will not be penalized for being late in inclement weather. We recognize that some of our families live outside of the Denver area and that different areas of the city will be affected uniquely during our winter storms – we encourage our families to use their own good judgment as to whether or not they bring their children to school on inclement weather days.

In making the decision on whether to have a snow day, The Denver Waldorf School takes into consideration advice from the National Weather Bureau. We have a responsibility, as a school, to ensure the safety of our community as well as the safety of the wider Denver area. We make decisions about snow days based on ice, snow, extreme cold, blowing wind, road conditions and snow accumulation.

If you have any questions about The Denver Waldorf School snow day policy, please contact Kelly Church, Administrative Director, at kellychurch@denverwaldorf.org or 303-777-0531 x. 108.