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DWS Read-a-Thon is On!

Readers, get ready! Our annual Read-a-Thon kicks off February 15th.

This school-wide event is fun for kindergarteners and high school students, alike. Please bookmark this page for the latest from Reading Specialist Milandra Pfister and Advancement Coordinator Hannah Ronan-Daniell. Reading lists, videos, tips, and more to come!

Make Reading a Ritual

The Read-a-Thon is an annual event and fundraiser that helps get students excited about reading. When it comes to improving reading skills to ensure academic success, did you know:

  • Reading for as little as 20 minutes a day improves children’s vocabulary and grammar!
  • Reading a variety of books also provides students with exposure to different writing styles. This nourishes their creativity and helps them to become more confident writers at any age.
  • The best way to improve reading skills is (you guessed it!) to read daily. Challenge yourself by reading a book outside of your comfort zone, whether that means the vocabulary is new and exciting or you pick up a nonfiction in place of a novel!

Plus, the class that reads the most pages will receive a pizza and donut party!

How to Register Students

We’re not going to lie; registering is a little tricky! Below is a video with all the information you need to get started.

Special thanks to DWS parent El Javi for sharing his musical talents with his piece “California” in this video.

Downloadable Reading Log

Download and print so you can easily jot down dates and pages!

Questions About Read-a-Thon?

Please contact Advancement Coordinator Hannah Ronan-Daniell by email.

Sponsor a Reader

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, alumni, or friend, our students are looking for your support for the DWS 2021 Read-a-Thon. Our school has worked hard this year to surpass an incredible budget shortfall of nearly $530,000 due to unexpected costs of holding school remotely and in-person this year. Your sponsorship will help us come back stronger than ever, ready for Summer Camp, Fall 2021 classes, and even more in future years – Join us as we make reading a ritual at DWS!

To sponsor a DWS Reader, hop onto our Fundraising Page! You can sponsor an individual, a class, or just make a general donation.