Read-a-Thon Results for Spring 2021

Our annual Read-a-Thon is a school-wide event to help students of all ages get hooked on books. Last spring, it was a tremendous success, raising $16,400 for the DWS Annual Fund! Kindergarteners, Seniors, and everyone in between read upwards of 200,800 pages to celebrate our community’s love of reading and bring needed financial support. A huge, heartfelt thank you to all our sponsors and DWS Readers!

Bookmark this page for details from Reading Specialist Milandra Pfister and Development Officer Hannah Ronan-Daniell for next spring’s event.

Tips for Making Reading a Ritual

Storytime with Milandra Pfister and Mahdyeh Nowkhandan

Hear The Word Collector plus details on the DWS Diversity Book Drive.

DWS Diversity Book Drive

How to Make a Totally Cool Tassel

Learn how to make a tassel for your Read-a-Thon bookmark with DWS Handwork Teacher Deb Wolf.

Make Reading a Ritual

The Read-a-Thon is an annual event and fundraiser that helps get students excited about reading. When it comes to improving reading skills to ensure academic success, did you know:

  • Reading for as little as 20 minutes a day improves children’s vocabulary and grammar!
  • Reading a variety of books also provides students with exposure to different writing styles. This nourishes their creativity and helps them to become more confident writers at any age.
  • The best way to improve reading skills is (you guessed it!) to read daily. Challenge yourself by reading a book outside of your comfort zone, whether that means the vocabulary is new and exciting or you pick up nonfiction in place of a novel!

Plus, the class that reads the most pages will receive a pizza and donut party!

Read-a-Thon Resources

Download and print the log to easily jot down dates and pages, and check out our extensive recommended reading list.


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Sponsor a Reader

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, alumni, or friend, our students are looking for your support for the DWS 2021 Read-a-Thon. Our school has worked hard this year to surpass an incredible budget shortfall of nearly $530,000 due to unexpected costs of holding school remotely and in-person this year. Your sponsorship will help us come back stronger than ever, ready for Summer Camp, Fall 2021 classes, and even more in future years – Join us as we make reading a ritual at DWS!

To sponsor a DWS Reader, hop onto our Fundraising Page! You can sponsor an individual, a class, or just make a general donation. 


Questions About Read-a-Thon?

Please contact Advancement Coordinator Hannah Ronan-Daniell by email.