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Dear New DWS Parents,

The Parent Council welcomes you to The Denver Waldorf Community!

We believe that the parents who send their children to this school are incredibly committed, talented and generous – it’s a good thing because without all of us working together to support the faculty and staff, our school could not be what it is. We hope you find supporting the school in your own way as rewarding as we all have. We also hope that you will find one of those ways to be involved in Parent Council!

Each year the Parent Council of The Denver Waldorf School creates a project to work on that will help support the parents of our school in some special way. A number of years ago that project was to create a DWS New Parent Guide 2014-15 with the intention of providing helpful perspectives from veteran parents to new parents since our school embodies so many unique aspects not found in the prevalent educational culture, including curriculum, events, governance structure, etc. This is in no way intended to serve as an official document of The Denver Waldorf School. You will find thoughts regarding a variety of aspects all here in alphabetical order for you to peruse.

In addition, we have provided a list of ways you can support DWS through volunteer efforts. This is meant to give you some ideas – again, it is not meant to be taken as official information from the school itself – you will receive much more information regarding needs through the year in the school Newsletter and Community Updates. Keep reading those emails! It really does take a variety of ideas and skills to help the school accomplish its mission!

Christa Gustafson in the Main Office at extension 100 is a great resource – if you aren’t sure who to talk to, start with Christa – she will help point you in the right direction. Please know you can call us any time if you have questions regarding any aspect of how to relate to the school. Our time as parents goes by quickly and we hope you find The Denver Waldorf School an amazing support to you as a parent – we certainly have.

The Denver Waldorf School Parent Council