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The Denver Waldorf School participates in a worldwide cultural exchange program through Waldorf schools around the globe. This program is designed to give both our students and international students a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures, make new friends, and be exposed to different languages. This page details information for our short-term cultural exchange program. If you are interested in applying to be a full-time international student, please see our International High School Admissions page.

The Denver Waldorf High School has a limited number of exchange opportunities each school year. We ask that you apply at least four months prior to when you hope to arrive in Denver. If accepted, you would continue to pay tuition to your own school, and the Denver Waldorf student would continue to pay tuition here.

An exchange works best when first one student attends the other’s school, and then the second student attends the first student’s school, rather than a simple swap. As an exchange student, it’s understood that you will be here for cultural reasons. Your home school should indicate how credits will be handled while you are away. You will not receive a school report for the time you spend at DWS; however, you will be expected to participate in classes as well as you can while you are here.

We allow our students to attend an international school for up to two months only, however, we are happy to host their international exchange partner here at DWS for up to a semester. DWS students may attend an international school on an exchange during their 10th or 11th grade year, but may host any time from 9th grade through 12th grade. Participation fees for our athletic programs, visa fees, and travel expenses are not included, and we recommend you come with at least $200 per month in spending money. Upon acceptance, we require proof of international insurance.

All exchange students are required to obtain an F-1 student visa. The Denver Waldorf School is an approved SEVIS school and is authorized to help facilitate the process of obtaining this once you have been accepted to our school.

Usually, exchange partners stay with each others’ families and do not pay a hosting fee. If for some reason either exchange partner cannot host the other, we ask that the family identify another family in the school community to host the student. Additionally, we ask that a hosting fee be paid to the host family on a sliding scale of $500-$1,000 per month.

Please see the application requirements below. When you fill out your application, you will notice that we ask for a range of dates you are available to do the exchange. This is because we receive many exchange requests each year, and are not always able to identify a DWS exchange partner right away. Once your application is complete, we will add you to our exchange waiting list, and you will remain there as a potential exchange partner until a DWS exchange is identified for you or we reach the end of the date range you indicated on your application.

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Please note: If you apply for an exchange with The Denver Waldorf High School, but later decide you are no longer interested in participating, please let us know right away so we can remove you from our waiting list.

Information, Steps & Requirements:

  1. We only offer exchanges with students from other Waldorf schools. We do not require you take the TOEFL for an exchange, but a working knowledge of English is recommended for you to participate in daily classes and activities. We do require a recommendation letter from your English teacher.
  2. You and your parents will need to complete our High School Exchange Student Application (and pay the $150 application fee) by clicking the Apply Now button below. This application includes student and parent questionnaires, two letters of reference, and your agreement to follow our school’s media policy, dress code, drug and alcohol policies as well as all local laws. Your parents will also need to sign a document giving authority to the host parents to act as the parental authority while you are staying in their home.
  3. Immunization records are required. Records must be translated into English and show the date (month, day, year) of each vaccine. A Colorado State immunization exemption may be needed as well if submitted records do not include dates of immunizations required for school entry in Colorado.
  4. Once all relevant paperwork has been received, we will contact you with information on possible exchange partners.
  5. Once an exchange partner is solidified, we will begin the process of obtaining a student visa for you.

For any questions on our International Exchange Program, please contact High School Director Brie Kaiser at briekaiser@denverwaldorf.org or 303-777-0531 x111.