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High School Faculty - The Denver Waldorf School
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High School Faculty

Arts and Humanities

InaIna Jaehnig – Humanities, Arts, Waldorf Teacher Training
Co-founded DWS – August 1974 and DWHS – August 1994
As the co-founder of The Denver Waldorf School, Ina has been teaching at DWS for over thirty years. She received her Waldorf Teacher Training at the Munich Waldorf School and prior to that earned her certification as an arts teacher at the Academy for the Arts in Stuttgart. In addition to sharing her knowledge with the High School students and the entire faculty of DWS, Ina consults for Waldorf schools across the U.S. and spends her summers training Waldorf teachers. You may contact Ina at ext. 182.

tom sculpting davidDavid Johnson – Humanities, Drama
Joined DWHS – August 2002
After working in professional theater and construction for 30 years, David completed his Waldorf High School Teacher Training in Wilton, NH. A Waldorf School graduate, David, along with his siblings, is now the fourth generation in the Johnson family to become a school teacher. You may contact David at ext. 123.

Jeff McClendon – Music Director
Joined DWHS – August 1994
Jeff leads chorus and orchestra instruction at DWS. He studied voice, bassoon and composition at West Georgia College and received scholarships for his graduate studies in vocal performance at the Julliard School and the Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts. He has sung with many symphony orchestras and opera companies, including the Atlanta Symphony, the Birmingham Symphony, the Atlanta Ballet, the Atlanta Opera, and the American Symphony in New York City. He has toured Europe as a recitalist, he is a cantor and choir member at the St. Augustine Orthodox Church, and he plays bassoon in the Denver Philharmonic. In addition, he completed the two-year teacher training course in Waldorf Education at Sunbridge College in New York (SUNY). You may contact Jeff at ext. 169.

Mike McHenry – Director of Student Services, History, College Advising

Joined DWHS – August 2002
In his role as Director of Student Services, Mr. McHenry provides counseling for high school students and advises students on the college process. Mr. McHenry also teaches humanities and social science classes to Grade 9 through Grade 12. Mr. McHenry holds an MDiv and an MA in Theology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling (Fuller Theological Seminary). He also has a BA in Speech Communications (California State University, Fresno). Mr. McHenry has experience in marriage and family therapy and has extensive experience as a school counselor. You may contact Mike at ext. 111.
Passion: Volleyball, family and reading
Favorite Quote? “The grass is green enough.”
What Other Occupation Would You Like to Try? Professional Athlete

John Reinhart – Language Arts
Joined DWHS – August 2007
John is a graduate of The Denver Waldorf High School. He earned a BA in political science from Hampshire College, specializing in social and political movements. He completed his Waldorf teacher training at Antioch University in New England, and received his Master’s in Education in December 2007. His teaching experience includes assisting at the undergraduate level, one year in the kindergarten at the Albany Free School in Albany, NY, and various fiddle and knitting lessons. John is an accomplished fiddle and guitar player with a penchant for chess. He is also the 2004 Northeast Regional, 16 and Older, Beginner Division Yo-yo Champion. You may contact John at ext. 162.

Magally Luna – Spanish Program Director
Joined DWS – August 2000
Magally is a native speaker whose family hails from Colombia and Mexico. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has had the privilege of sharing Latin dance and music in Asia and Europe. She continues to sing with the Afro-Caribbean band Kizumba and she acts occasionally in plays at El Centro Su Teatro, one of the few bilingual theaters in the United States. You may contact Magally at ext. 159.

Michael Baker – Woodworking
Joined DWS – August 1983
Michael has been teaching at DWS since 1983. Michael has served in the United States Air Force and worked as an electromechanical engineer before coming to DWS. In addition to teaching woodworking, he taught gym for nine years, and he founded the unicycle and archery clubs. He helped start a gym program in the Redwood City, California Waldorf school and he has helped several woodworking teachers start Waldorf woodworking programs. He has served on the College of Teachers and he was a member of the Board of Trustees for seventeen years. You may contact Michael at ext. 196.

clay_5Tom Clark – Practical Arts and Science
Joined DWS – August 1985
Tom has been teaching at DWS since 1985. He attended the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design. He first began working with children at the Parzival Shield Waldorf School’s Summer Camp. In 1985 he took on the teaching position with DWS’ 3rd Grade class. Since then he has taken two other classes from 1st Grade through 8th Grade. He also teaches arts and science in the Middle School. You may contact Tom at ext. 167.

Science and Mathematics

Caroline Heberton, Ph.D. – Math
Joined DWHS – August 1996
Caroline received a BA in Math (Grinnell College) and a Doctorate in Applied Math with an emphasis in computational math and the mathematics of science and engineering (University of Colorado, Denver). Her experience includes teaching at UCD, research work for USGS and programming for United Airlines . She began her work with children as coordinator and counselor for the Parzival Summer Camp from 1990 to 1994.

Dan Prendergast – Computer Science
Worked with DWHS since 2006
Dan received a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Engineering from Stanford University. After ten years working as an engineer, Dan became a consultant and trainer in personal computers. He has worked as an independent consultant, providing a broad range of computer support including user training, database development, financial modeling, programming, and IT services for businesses throughout the Denver metro area since 1985. You may contact Dan at ext. 188.

Mark Shepard – Math
Joined DWHS – August 2003
Mark’s education includes an MA in Philosophy (University of Colorado, Boulder), Colorado Teacher Certification (UC, Denver), a BS in Math, magna cum laude, (UC, Denver), and a BA in Psychology (University of Central Florida). Mark has taught at Kearney Middle School in the “Gear Up” program, managed the GED/ABE program at Curtis Park Community Center, worked as a Chapter I Math Teacher at Denver Children’s Home and provided one-to-one tutoring on a wide range of subjects. You may contact Mark at ext. 158.

Nancy Taylor, DHSc, MPH – Science
Joined DWS – 2001
Nancy worked for ten years as an Administrator at The Denver Waldorf School before returning to her love of science and teaching as the High School Science Teacher. Her education includes a Bachelors in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (University of Colorado, Boulder); Masters in Cell Biology (University of Denver, Denver); Masters in Nutrition and Doctorate in Health Science (Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA). Her love for the big picture combined with her ability to attend to details allow her to appreciate the scope of a high school science curriculum. You may contact Nancy at ext. 136.
Passion: My family
Favorite Quote: This is how life looks when it’s working!
Occupation You’d Like to Try if You Couldn’t Be a Teacher? Psychology/sociology

Physical Education & Sports

Michael Quinn – Athletic Director, Head Men’s and Women’s Basketball Coach

Joined DWS – August 2003
His recreational history includes eight years as a Recreational Instructor in Youth Sports and Arts at Harvard Gulch Recreation Center in Denver. He taught children ranging in age from five to fourteen. He is a Colorado native, graduating from South High School, then attending Metropolitan State College. You may contact Michael at ext. 112.