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Denver Waldorf High School students have the opportunity to participate in a global exchange program with other Waldorf schools internationally.

By introducing a foreign language and culture to students in Kindergarten, we provide students with an understanding of different beliefs and ways of being in the world. Through the opportunity provided to High School students to study abroad at other Waldorf schools, and through the experience of welcoming visiting students from such countries as Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Brazil, England, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia, we provide a comprehensive view of humankind.

Our curriculum also emphasizes multicultural stories. We expose students to a variety of spiritual traditions and have confidence that in our essential nature, human beings are alike, part of a global humanity. Compassion and respect develop for what might first appear as “other.”

For more information on The Denver Waldorf High School Cultural Exchange Program, please contact Lydia Fiser, High School Coordinator, at highschool@denverwaldorf.org.