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Care Group

1st Grade Class21

The Care Group is a group of teachers and support staff who voluntarily commit to supporting the growth and health of students in The Denver Waldorf School who need something beyond what is already offered in the classroom.

In doing so, the group’s objective is to carry a deepening of Waldorf education in general as well as therapeutic possibilities arising from an Anthroposophical understanding of the human being.

The Care Group exists to support teachers in observing and understanding the needs of students, particularly those experiencing challenges to health development and academic and/or social success. As possible and appropriate, the Care Group will assist and support teachers in interaction with parents and offer suggestions for assessment and therapeutic support for students. The Care Group takes up studies to deepen and broaden the group understanding of these issues, including child growth and development, child observation and child study techniques, learning styles, learning disorders and remediation, etc. The Care Group will share these topics and insights through presentations in the general pedagogical meetings.

Class teachers are invited to visit the Care Group to describe their classes and bring forward any exceptional or problematic students. Any teacher—class or special subject—is invited to bring concerns or questions about any student to the Care Group at any time. A meeting will be scheduled for the teacher(s) to describe the student’s challenges. Out of this conversation, recommendations will be formulated for 1) needed assessment, 2) practical needs of the student/teacher/class, and 3) plans for remediation and support.

The Care Group commits to holding awareness of students receiving therapeutic and tutorial support within the school, monitoring and coordinating therapeutic supports as needed and appropriate. When any student has two or more support therapies, the Care Group would like to be an “umbrella” group to hold the picture and consciousness of what is happening with the child. The Care Group proposal is that the entire body of people giving therapeutic, tutorial, physical support, etc., along with the class teacher, would hold a rhythmic review of how the program is going. Class teachers would also be asked to inform the Care Group of students who are receiving support outside of the school, if such knowledge does not intrude upon privacy or is otherwise inappropriate to share. Part of this process would be to inform subject teachers which students are receiving support and receive their suggestions as to who they see needing help.