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The Waldorf-inspired enrichment camps at The Denver Waldorf School offer programming like no other in the city. Our school break camps integrate the daily rhythm of a typical school day at DWS with appropriate age-based activities and crafts brought forth in a conscientious Waldorf Way. This includes:

  • Movement in support of age-appropriate fine- and gross-motor skill development
  • Nature walks, outdoor play and a working exploration of Earth’s elements
  • Science- and math-based crafts and experimentation consistent with the Waldorf curriculum
  • Storytelling that nurtures and nourishes the soul and spirit of the children

DWS enrichment camps—held during Thanksgiving, February, spring and summers breaks—focus heavily on creativity, connection, discovery and experimentation. As with Waldorf education, our approach is marked by intentionality and developmental appropriateness. Whether your family is new to Waldorf or already a part of our DWS community, we invite you to explore all that our enrichment camps have to offer.