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Josh-Carr-Featured-CropJosh Carr (8th Grade ’86) has always loved to work with his hands. “Being hands-on was what made going to Denver Waldorf so great for me. Whether it was woodworking, painting, drawing, and – I even dare to admit – sewing and handwork. It all really suited me well.”

Now in his 10th year as a captain with United Airlines’ regional carrier, Josh works with his hands every day, controlling very large, technical equipment as he flies out of Denver to ski towns, domestic cities and some international destinations. “I’m working towards flying some larger airplanes overseas,” Josh mentions. “For right now I’m in a good spot. It can sometimes be difficult on my family, since I am gone as much as four days at a time, but I really do love it.”

Josh attended DWS through 8th Grade, which was the last grade offered at the school at the time. After graduating from South High School in 1991, Josh studied at Metro State University and Colorado Mountain College in Leadville, ultimately completing his studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He worked as a flight instructor there for three years before starting at United Express.


Josh (standing) and classmates in 1986 production of “Firebugs”

Reflecting on his time at DWS, Josh recalls, “It was a difficult time for The Denver Waldorf School; it was going through some growing pains. Our class had 25 students in 6th grade, but only 6 of us remained for 8th grade. We had 8 different teachers in 8 years. But even still, it was a great education and experience. How many 8th grade classes travel to Italy for 6 weeks to study art and architecture?”

Josh still stays in touch with his 8th grade classmates, Tanja Odins, Amy Jackson, Aaron Reedy, and Adam Blanning. “Adam and I coincidentally got married the same year, have two kids each that are just months apart in age and are in the same classes at DWS – we even live 4 blocks apart!” Josh stays in touch with the others over Facebook, and has been able to get together with the group a few times over the years.


Clockwise from top left: Jonah (11), Josh, Seth (7) and Wyatt (9).

Friend and family connections to DWS are a common thread throughout Josh’s life. In his 8th grade class, three of the six students’ parents were teachers, including Josh’s mother, Vicki (Carr) Hindes. She was a class teacher at the school for many years, and currently teaches in the Middle School. Josh and his wife, Mary, have three sons who all attend DWS: Jonah, 11, Wyatt, 9 and Seth, 7.

“After going to a large public high school and getting that experience, and at the same time watching The Denver Waldorf School grow and evolve into what it is today, I just couldn’t consider another option for my children. They are thriving,” he says.

Josh cites the family atmosphere at DWS – even if one’s parents don’t work there – as a big part of what makes the school so special. “For those alumni who haven’t visited the school in a while, I encourage you to come by and check it out. Stop by one of the festivals or come to the Holiday Fair. It is a great place that is really making a difference,” he says.

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