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Volunteer for the Holiday Fair - The Denver Waldorf School
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Sign Up to Volunteer

Parents, Families & Alumni Sign Up Here >>
High School Students & Families Sign Up Here >>

Learn About Class Volunteer Activities by Grade

Please click on the links below for detailed instructions about what volunteers will need to do for each class activity.

Baking for Rudolf’s Diner – Buttercup, Starflower, Woodrose, Larkspur & Morning Glory parents
Woolen Angels & Rainbow Votives – 1st Grade Parents
Candle Dipping – 2nd Grade Parents
Royalty Room – 3rd Grade Parents
Balance Challenge – 4th Grade Parents
Elf Land – 5th Grade Parents
Cookie Heaven – 6th Grade Students & Parents
Children’s Shoppe – 7th Grade Students & Parents
Rudolf’s Diner – 8th Grade Students & Parents
Christmas Tree Sales, Potato Bar & Grill, King Winter and Snow Queen – High School Students & Parents
Wreath Making – hosted by Parents & Alumni
Set up, clean up, decorations – Everyone

HF Train

Questions about how to best get involved? Contact Woody via email or phone at 303-777-0531, ext.128, or just catch me in the hallway.

Thank you! — Matt “Woody” Woodhull