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That Peace Group Presents Global "Day of Silence" - The Denver Waldorf School
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18 Apr That Peace Group Presents Global “Day of Silence”

That Peace Group Presents Global “Day of Silence”

thatpeacegroupThe Denver Waldorf School Social Justice committee “That Peace Group” is inviting everyone to participate in the global Day Of Silence, tomorrow, April 19th.

What we are doing:
~ Be silent from at least from 8-3, many will do the entire day. (We have agreed that participants should opt into an academic exception and speak in class to support their teachers and their learning.)
~ Wearing black shirts to raise further awareness
~ Wearing rainbow pins (hopefully) to show our unity and support (stop by Renata’s office to pick up a pin)

Why we are doing it:
~ This day is to raise awareness of the millions of youth whose gender identity and or sexual orientation cannot be categorized within the heterosexual/straight “norm” including but not limited to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender individuals.

~ This day represents the silence that millions of youth are forced into daily as they live in a world often hostile and exclusive of their very identity. Although we have seen great progress throughout the 20th century into the 21st century, youth across our nation face the risk of being kicked out of their homes, having their family ties severed and broken, being told over and over again that there is something wrong with them, being sent to camps to get “cured,” being ostracized and relentlessly teased at school and so much more if they are not silent about their identity.

The potential consequences of not being silent vary from community to community, state to state and country to country with some countries still enforcing the death penalty for being gay. This climate lends itself not only to the silence of youth throughout the world, but the experience of excruciating loneliness, isolation and self-doubt that comes from this silence.

“That Peace Group,” the social justice committee begun by Denver Waldorf School High School students. encourage everyone to join use in this day of action!

For more information about the movement please visit:

Please see High School Coordinator Renata Heberton at highschool@denverwaldorf.org for more information.