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01 Mar Senior Class Project Presentations

2013 Senior Class Project Presentations Friday night’s review written by Robin Mitchell, retired DWS Eurythmy Teacher, and Saturday night’s review written by Jennifer Parker, Community Development Coordinator Once a year, The Denver Waldorf School community has an opportunity to experience the riches that have unfolded in the hearts and minds of our senior students, and the 2013 Senior Class Project Presentations demonstrated qualities that were awe-inspiring and humbling at the same time. Friday Night On Friday night, following Mr. John Reinhart’s welcoming words and descriptive introduction, Julia Pierce had the daunting task of being first to present. Her novel approach involved everyone very directly through having us all follow her guidance in a brief sequence of simple Yoga exercises. As she described the training she followed, and her experience with teaching yoga to young girls, she also brought her flair for a “sharing” form of teaching to the forefront. Gabriel Albani then took us on a journey to Venetian Masks and Beyond. Having demonstrated how these specific masks are created, and linked their appearance to characters in commedia del l’Arte, he dug deeper into the theme of why people wear masks and brought up questions about why we choose the images we decide on, ourselves. (Stage make-up, anyone?) This was not only ‘food for thought,’ but also showed how much thought he, himself, had given to his project. Sydney Goodman also gave her project about Climbing 14ers! MUCH thought, including her “ten essentials” for a hike. But what came across strongly was her courage to meet a self-imposed challenge. As we all know, when we challenge ourselves, all sorts of restraints appear that might hinder our progress. Sydney described how she met them and overcame them through persevering through all the trials until she reached her goal. What inspired her listeners was her quiet, unassuming approach, her gratitude and her courage. Isaac Harden had challenged himself too, by choosing to do something he found truly daunting, Singing (in public). He overcame his fear of singing publicly by seeking out a method that appealed to him, working hard and long with it, and then stepping forward into the spotlight to accomplish it, even bringing an accompanist to make the event complete. A special moment arrived when his singing faltered. What did he do? He stood up taller than ever, shared a charming smile, laughed at himself ...
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