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No More Disposable Furniture for Aftercare! - The Denver Waldorf School
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11 Apr No More Disposable Furniture for Aftercare!

No More Disposable Furniture for Aftercare

Written by Aftercare Director Dawn Archer


In years past we have either collected donated, used couches and other furniture OR we have purchased new inexpensive furniture such as the IKEA couches and chairs that we have had for the past four and a half years. Well the result is either a “dorm room” look of mismatched goods or cheap furniture that disintegrates under the playful limbs of our children after a short time.

After saving up for the past few years, After Care, this year purchased some amazing new sturdy furniture. This newest addition, the couch, was purchased from Cherry Creek Log Furniture. This beautiful work of art was hand-made locally from local wood. Cherry Creek Log Furniture is part of a fire mitigation program in Park County. They collect fallen wood to clear the land in order to prevent fires. They take this fallen wood and use it to make sturdy furniture.

2013-03-07_17-07-23_154This couch is finished with a beeswax finish. Also added this year is a wooden double rocker. This rocker was purchased from Rustic Log Furniture and was hand-made in New Mexico.

I’m sure that futon covers will need to be replaced and eventually, the futon mattress will need to be replaced. My hope is that this couch, itself, will last decades. We’ll see. Keep an eye out for beautiful and sturdy new additions to our room in the future.

A shout out of gratitude to the Roberts Family for the futon mattress donation!! Our cushy tushies thank you! –by Dawn Archer, Aftercare Director