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Middle School Dance is Saturday, April 20 - The Denver Waldorf School
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15 Apr Middle School Dance is Saturday, April 20

Middle School Dance is Saturday, April 20 at 6:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm

Dear Middle School Grade Parents,

Your children are invited to the middle school dance on Saturday, April 20, from 6:00 pm. to 10:00 pm.
Dinner will be at 6:00 pm (pizza, salad and drink shared with the middle school students from Shepherd Valley) with dancing beginning at 7:00 pm.

Our middle school dances have as their goal to offer a high quality of live music to which the students can dance. Learning the steps to various dances such as swing, cha, cha, waltz, foxtrot and more, offer unique and healthy experiences for boys and girls at an age when insecurity and vulnerability reign just below the surface.

It’s also important to note that the middle school dances in no way encourage “dating”. In fact, students should not be coming to the dance with a “date”. Everyone should come to the dance expecting to dance with many students from all of the middle school classes. That’s the most fun, and we have found that it just happens naturally. The middle school classes from Shepherd Valley Waldorf School will also be joining us. They love to attend our dances and are also learning the various dances from one of the teachers.

o Dinner 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
o Dance is 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
o Only students currently enrolled may attend (no outside friends or family)
o Students may not leave the Festival Hall area during dance unless with a parent
o $10 entrance fee (sorry, no IOU’s)
o No cell phones (students can ask teachers and chaperones if there is need)
o Dress code: dressing up for a special occasion; no blue jeans, t-shirts, collarless shirts, athletic apparel, etc.
o Free refreshments
o Live music
o Dance contests

We are incredibly fortunate to have talented adults (teachers, parents, friends), who offer high quality live music to which the students can dance. They rehearse for many weeks, and sometimes are able to invite the students to sing and play instruments to the dance songs.

To put organization and security into our chaperone work and provide a non-intrusive glimpse, we’ve created places of rotation for the chaperones, leaving the entry area (near the entrance door) as a place open for parent congregation between rotational shifts. While we encourage all parents to witness our wonderful dances, we would like to put most of the participation into the hands of the 7th grade parents as the hosting chaperons for the spring dance.

Thank you for your support.
Vicki Hindes, Faustina Pfister, Rosemary Vermouth, Betsy White