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03 Jun Fall 2013 Middle and High School Cross Country

Fall 2013 Middle and High School Cross Country Calling all runners! The Denver Waldorf Middle and High School Cross Country teams are beginning to gear up for the fall season. Our inaugural season last fall was a success and we’re looking for our second year to be even better. If you are interested in participating on the Cross Country team next fall, please let Jennifer Parker know at communicate@denverwaldorf.org so that we can add you to our email distribution lists. All you need is a pair of good running shoes! Informal, optional practices for both Middle School and High School runners will begin on Tuesday, July 23 and will occur every Tuesday and Friday morning from 7:00 am ~ 8:00 am. The team will meet at the Boat House at Washington Park. Just show up when you can. Depending on the interest, we may increase the frequency of the runs after the first couple of weeks. Formal practices will begin Monday, August 19 (time and location TBD). The first race of the season is Thursday, Sept. 5. For questions or summer workout ideas, please contact any of the coaches: Oza and Milan Klanjsek – oza_miki@comcast.net Tim Williams – timbobwilliams@gmail.com We hope to see you there!...
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22 May Preschool/Kindergarten May Day Celebration!

Preschool/Kindergarten May Day Celebration! Celebrating the coming of spring every year means so much to the children in our nursery, preschool and Kindergarten classes. Each day the children go outside for their nature walk and observe the buds sprouting and the flowers blooming. This sort of experiential observational learning forms the basis for math, science and physics classes in later Waldorf education. These photos were taken courtesy of Larkspur Preschool/Kindergarten parent and photographer Ingrid Welch (http://www.gypsymamaphotography.com/). ...
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21 May The Denver Waldorf School End-of-Year Sale

The Denver Waldorf School End-of-Year Saleby Ben Drotar, Development Director Don't miss The Denver Waldorf School Store End-of-Year Sale on Thursday, May 30 and Friday, May 31! The Sale will feature over-stock inventory items including toys, art supplies, projects and fashion items. We will be selling used books at great used-book prices. The sale starts at 2:00 pm on Thursday, May 30th and will continue before the Grades 3~5 Evening Strings Concert. The sale will open again at 8:00 am on Friday, May 31. Do you have used books that need a new home? Donate them to the school by May 29th to be included in the sale. ...
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21 May The Class of 2013 Presents ‘The Matchmaker’

The Class of 2013 Presents 'The Matchmaker' DWS Parent Bruce Kelley shared these amazing photos of The Denver Waldorf School Senior Class Play "The Matchmaker" by Thornton Wilder. The Class of 2013 performed "The Matchmaker" on Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18 at The Bug Theatre in Denver, CO. ...
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21 May Parent Survey: 93% Report Overall Satisfaction with The Denver Waldorf School

Parent Survey: 93% Report Overall Satisfaction with The Denver Waldorf Schoolby Judy Lucas, Administrative Director This year we asked the parent body for assistance in identifying our strengths as a school, and areas for improvement or priorities and strategies for change. We are mandated to survey our parent body as part of our re-accreditation process with the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and the Association of Colorado Independent Schools. Here are some of the findings, as identified by administrative staff and members of The Denver Waldorf School Strategic Planning Committee. Several survey invitations were sent out to over 1,500 people in our community over a five-week period in January and February, garnering 142 individual responses. Thank you to everyone who participated. Overall Satisfaction The survey found that 93 percent of parents surveyed reported mid-high to high overall satisfaction with The Denver Waldorf School. Specifically, 68 percent of parents rated their overall satisfaction with the school as "high," while another 25 percent rated their satisfaction with the school as "mid-high." Another 4 percent rated their satisfaction with the school as "mid," 1 percent gave a "low-mid" rating, and only 1 percent rated their overall satisfaction with the school as "low." Of the parents surveyed, 85 percent said the school has met, more than met or exceeded their expectations on a list of areas including educational philosophy, parent-teacher relationships and experiential education. When it came to selecting a school, 93 percent of parents surveyed reported The Denver Waldorf School was their first choice. Responses varied as to the most important reasons for choosing The Denver Waldorf School. Approximately 20 percent said "educational philosophy" was among the top five most important reasons. Another 12 percent said it was the "sense of community" that was the most important; 12 percent also said "experiential education." The "breadth of curriculum" won 11 percent. Overall, a majority of parents agreed that "teaching at the school is of a high quality." Another majority of parents agreed, "my child has a positive attitude toward the school." Strongest Attributes Parents offered many comments about the school's strongest attributes, which included a sense of community, quality of education, curriculum, respect for the children and experienced, caring faculty who get along well with each other. Weaknesses Among areas for improvement, parents highlighted the lack of a gymnasium and proper performance space, the campus facility and trying to do too much with too little. Others mentioned inadequate parking, not enough racial/ethnic diversity, new parent orientation, security and the length of time it takes to make decisions. The Strategic Planning Committee is identifying the appropriate groups within the school to take on the specific areas of concern. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. ...
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18 May Parent Review of ‘The Matchmaker’ Senior Play

Parent Review of Senior Class Play 'The Matchmaker'by Lauren Choate, Denver Waldorf School Parent Greetings Parents, Go to the Bug Theater tonight. 7 pm. Just go. I just got home from the Senior Play -- The Matchmaker. Go. Go see it. Go see what our school does and what our kids do. Go be inspired and amused with the amazing words written by Thornton Wilder. When I was on the Board, I went to as many plays as I could to show my support as a Board member. I quickly realized what a gift it is to attend. I go now because I love going. Mr. Johnson is masterful at picking plays. If you start attending as many plays as you can, over the years, you will witness not only the maturation of our children, but amazing plays and stories that move your heart, mind and soul. That's what live theater does. That's the gift you can give to yourself, your family and friends. Go. Go to as many Waldorf plays as you can. Bring your kids unless an age is suggested. Have an adventure. And for those of you who know the play, yes, it's pudding. Lauren Choate Nick's mom (9th grade)...
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17 May Mr. Reinhart’s Book of Poems

Mr. Reinhart Authors 'Missals From Space' Mr. John Reinhart, Denver Waldorf High School Language Arts Teacher, has published a book of poetry. "I remember once informing my parents that I wanted to be an astronaut," writes Mr. Reinhart, "NASA is unlikely to ever clear me for space flight, but these poems are my exploration of space, inner and outer." The first printing is limited to 100 copies, handbound with handprinted covers. Dawning light of grace speaking in the stillness forgotten between bursts of neon and promise, grant me strength of patience for my work yet undone. Mr. Reinhart is a graduate of The Denver Waldorf High School. He earned a BA in political science from Hampshire College, specializing in social and political movements. He completed his Waldorf teacher training at Antioch University in New England, and received his Master’s in Education in December 2007. Three years ago, Mr. Reinhart finished assembling and editing a cookbook of his grandmother Natalie Reinhart's recipes. Almost two years ago, Mr. Reinhart and his brother, Patrick, sat down to record a second album of traditional fiddle tunes. Now comes "Missals From Space." To purchase the book, please click here. ...
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17 May Miss Rose’s Photography is Part of Denver Exhibit Near The Bug Theatre

Miss Rose's Photography is Part of Denver Exhibit Near The Bug Theatreby Miss Rose, Starflower Nursery Nap Assistant Going to The Bug Theatre tonight or tomorrow for the senior class play? As an artist I was part of a photography exhibit in the neighborhood of 36th and Navajo St.( near the Bug Theatre.) One of my entries to this world exhibit is wheat pasted on the wall alongside some incredible artists. This is an excerpt from The Big Picture blog which is part of the Month of Photography celebration in Denver: "This show of grand scale contemporary photography exposes the possibility of images as art via email instantly exchanged globally and blown up to large mural proportions. Images gathered from photographers around the world will be expanded as large Xerox prints and displayed inside galleries as well as posted in approved outdoor locations throughout the city of Denver and sister cities around the globe." The exhibit features artists from Syria, Germany France, Italy and across the United States. ...
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16 May 8th Grade Play Review: ‘A Woman Called Truth’

8th Grade Play Review: 'A Woman Called Truth' "It was magnificent! Bravo to Miss Faustina and the 8th grade for taking on that powerful story of Sojourner Truth. They did such a fabulous job and the music was amazing and the movement and the way it also depicts part of what the 8th graders are going through at their age. Thank you, Faustina, and everyone else who was involved!" ~ Miss Cyndi Ross-Smith, Starflower Nursery Lead Assistant "A Woman Called Truth" Play Review by Robin Mitchell It is always a challenge to choose a play for 8th Grade students, since so many criteria come into play. For instance, does one look in the direction of Shakespeare or does one choose a more modern writer? Perhaps a musical show comes to mind? The size of the class and the many talents the class has to offer, also needs to be considered. Then again, one needs to assess the educative value for the students. The Waldorf curriculum offers insight here. Revolutions and upheavals are part of the course of study during 8th Grade. Social change and civil rights issues such as the abolition of slavery and women’s rights are addressed, and their consequences are considered. The play ‘A Woman Called Truth,’ by Sandra Fenichel Asher, focuses on these issues and challenges the students to delve into the attitudes and consequent actions and reactions of the various characters. Going further than simplistic cause and effect, both cast and audience are offered the opportunity to experience the role of ethics and morality as they play their part in social change. It was interesting to see how the students managed to explore the characters they were playing, and bring them to life. Naturally, some managed better than others - yet they all played their parts well and the audience had no difficulty recognizing the motivations behind the actions on display. Noteworthy were all the central players - and especially Sydney Lewark - who had the responsibility of bringing this demanding play to life. But this was most clearly an ensemble production which required active participation from everyone in the class. The effectiveness of this production also lay in its sheer simplicity. There was no scenery - but well chosen use of the surrounding drapes, a few props and well designed and executed lighting. The costumes were also of simple design, indicating rather than dictating, and therefore more impactful. The use of tableau, of singing, and of simple dance sequences also shaped the various moods and time shifts so well that the continuity of the whole production went seamlessly. I feel privileged to have witnessed such hard and inspired work from everyone involved. ~Robin Mitchell, retired Denver Waldorf School Eurythmy Teacher ...
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