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The Administrative Staff provides the infrastructure and logistical support for the activities of the school. Kelly Church, Administrative Director, is accountable for the smooth operation of the school in the areas of finance, enrollment, development, and general operations including building safety and maintenance. The Directors and Support Staff of Administration each play a role in the coordination of these areas. Administrative staff are hired through the same hiring process used through the Personnel Committee.

The Administrative Director, in conjunction with the College of Teachers, serves as Head of School. Further, the Administrative Director acts to develop and carry out the policies and procedures of the school set by the College and Board. She is a voting member of the Board and College. She coordinates efforts of the Board and College committees, attending many of the core meetings of the school. The Administrative Director works to advance the short- and long-term goals of the school. She is responsible for facilitation and coordination of all communication among individuals and groups in the school community. The Leadership Team is responsible for reviewing the performance of the Administrative Director periodically. The Administrative Director is happy to meet with parents to address questions or concerns. Parents may write, email, stop by or call to schedule an appointment.

School policies and procedures are documents in the school’s Parent Handbook, High School Student Handbook, and Co-Workers Handbook. The agendas and meeting minutes of the DWS Board of Trustees are available in the main offices. Primary school publications, such as brochure, Annual Reports, program handbooks, and school newsletters are primarily created, distributed, and updated by the administrative staff. The administrative staff has written job descriptions that are periodically reviewed and updated. All administrative staff are available to serve as a point-of-contact to parents and either help to resolve the issue, or refer the parents to the appropriate person. To contact anyone in administration, call 303-777-0531, then enter the appropriate extension.

Current Administrative Staff

Kelly Church
Administrative Director
303-777-0531 x108

Laurie Thompson
Business Director
303-777-0531 x104

Betsy Doyle White
Pedagogical Director
303-777-0531 x136

Brianna Kaiser
Admissions Director
303-777-0531 x106

Craig Bond
Development Director
303-777-0531 x107

Christa Gustafson
Office Manager
303-777-0531 x102

Mike McHenry
High School Chair
303-777-0531 x111

Carolyn Goodman
Financial Coordinator
303-777-0531 x105

Lydia Fiser
High School Student Support Coordinator
303-777-0531 x109

Joni Morse
Communications Coordinator
303-777-0531 x103

Brooke Camfield
303-777-0531 x101

Matt “Woody” Woodhull
Community Development Coordinator
303-777-0531 x128

Dawn Archer
Aftercare & Enrichment Director
303-777-0531 x100

Dannia Gazzley
303-777-0531 x100