Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Founded on Rudolf Steiner’s humanitarian curriculum, The Denver Waldorf School awakens and inspires students’ critical thinking, emotional intelligence and artistic expression, preparing them to bring relevant contributions to the world.

Values Statement

The Denver Waldorf School’s educational model is based on Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of developing the whole human being and is informed by Anthroposophy (a philosophy of human wisdom).
Denver Waldorf School ValuesIt is important to us to preserve the innocence and wonder of childhood, to practice and encourage wholesome living, and to provide emotional and environmental safety. Creativity and artistic expression are essential in a child’s healthy growth and development, and are fully integrated into the curriculum. We seek and embrace inclusivity in our community.

We believe that the education of students, teachers and parents is a lifelong process. Our values fall into the spheres of Truth, Beauty and Goodness; Social Renewal; and Organizational Integrity.

Truth, Beauty, and Goodness encompass a collection of values that foster a healthy emotional and intellectual life:


  • Liberal arts education
  • Analytical, creative and flexible thinking
  • Vigorous academics
  • Comprehensive artistic training
  • Kindness & compassion
  • Gratitude & reverence
  • Humor & play


Social Renewal manifests itself through our actions.Waldorf education exerts a healing force in the world through:


  • Sustainability of Humankind
  • Service to others
  • Care of self
  • Stewardship of Earth
  • Work in partnership with parents & greater urban community
  • Inclusiveness
  • Personal responsibility, integrity & courage


Organizational Integrity requires us to be thoughtful in the way we organize and run our school:


  • Transparent processes
  • Decision-making through consensus
  • Governing bodies & individuals working in partnership
  • Professionalism & collegiality



Vision Statement

Denver Waldorf School Vision in action The focus of our work is the development of the whole human being. To further this aim, we strive to provide a beautiful, cohesive campus that radiates learning, working and playing while attracting and expanding full and diverse enrollment supported by abundant resources.
We enthusiastically work and serve in the world community as stewards of social renewal.