Each of the three Governing Bodies has committees that carry specific responsibilities within the school. Many of the following committees are standing committees, and are accountable to The College of Teachers and The Board of Trustees. Board-mandated committees include representatives from the parent body, The College of Teachers and from The Board of Trustees. College committees are staffed by faculty and staff. Each is staffed by a member of Administration. Parents interested in volunteering for a Board-mandated committee should contact Judy Lucas, Administrative Director, at or 303-777-0531 ext. 108.

The Board Development Committee identifies the skill sets needed, selects candidates to meet these needs and to fill the offices of The Denver Waldorf School Association, and oversees the annual approval of parent trustees to The Board of Trustees. This committee is staffed by the Administrative Director and the Development Director. (Board Committee)

The Building and Grounds Committee makes recommendations to The College of Teachers and The Board of Trustees regarding the purchase and improvement of property, and maintains all school property, considering code and safety requirements. This committee is staffed by the Administrative Director. (Board Committee)

The Calendar Committee ensures consistency by creating a reliable calendar for the whole school including school openings and closings, festivals, holidays and all school related events. In so doing, the committee strives to honor the natural ebb and flow of the seasons, the spiritual cycles of the year, and especially the health and well being of the children and the faculty through thoughtful planning; to facilitate communication within and throughout all areas of the school; and to nurture a sense of community. This committee is staffed by the Administrative Director, the Community Development Coordinator and the Main Office Manager. (College Committee)

The Development Committee supports the vision for the future of The Denver Waldorf School by generating powerful financial support and is responsible for supporting the development process, building community participation and generating financial support for the school. This committee is staffed by the Development Director. (Board committee)

The Marketing Committee is responsible for supporting the process of conveying the vision of Waldorf education to prospective members of the community to facilitate a healthy, fully-enrolled school. The committee creates marketing strategies and materials to bring new families into the community. Through the work of this committee, the tenets of Waldorf Education can become more widespread throughout the Denver Metro area. This committee is staffed by the Enrollment Director, the Development Director and the Communications Coordinator. (Board committee)

The Finance Committee sets financial policies, ensures that those policies are carried out, and provides the information required for sound financial decision making. This committee is staffed by the Business Affairs Director. (Board committee)

The Leadership Committee provides a nexus for communication and coordination between the Board, College, Faculty and Administration regarding issues related to governance, strategic plan development, implementation, accountability, communication, crisis management and oversight of policies and policy development. This committee is staffed by the Administrative Director.

Parent Council provides an opportunity for parents to communicate with each other and to bring a unique and coordinated effort to the vision of the school. Monthly meetings are open to all parents and are supported by two Co-Chairs who support members working on ongoing projects. The Parent Council is staffed by the Community Development Coordinator. (Board committee)

The Personnel Committee provides The Denver Waldorf School with an orderly method of hiring, training and dismissing employees; provides corrective guidance and benefits to employees; and is responsible for ensuring that in personnel matters all candidates and all employees are treated fairly and with due process in accordance with both Federal and State laws. This committee is staffed by the Administrative Director. The College of Teachers is ultimately responsible for the hiring and firing of school employees. (College committee)

The Professional Development Committee strives to foster enthusiasm and support for continuing education and professional achievement. This work will nurture community through the working together toward common goals of leadership, accountability and creativity. This committee is staffed by the Administrative Director. (College committee)

The Human Resources Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing the salary and compensation models for all faculty and administrative staff of The Denver Waldorf School. It will ensure the accuracy in implementation of the salary model as well as recommend changes and improvements. This committee is staffed by the Business Affairs Director and the Administrative Director. (Board committee)

The Scheduling Committee works to create a hygienic rhythm of the day for the children and staff at the school. They create parameters for an ideal schedule, alert the College to any diversions from the ideal, and create and implement a timeline for creating the schedule. This committee is staffed by the Administrative Director. (College committee)

The Tuition Adjustment Committee oversees the allocation of tuition adjustment, merit scholarships, remissions and community-funded scholarships towards our goal of making Waldorf education accessible to all. This Committee is staffed by the Business Affairs Director. (Board committee)

The Diversity Committee , a College committee, believes that diversity and inclusiveness strengthen education and foster the essential element of respect that prepares students to live and work in a global environment, and contributes to the well-being of all life. It provides a forum for discussion, education, and exploration of issues of age, ancestry, color, creed, disability, family composition, gender, gender-identification, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. It is committed to making The Denver Waldorf School a place where families, faculty, and staff of different backgrounds feel welcomed and valued. Waldorf education is founded in a worldview that acknowledges the spiritual nature of all beings. Waldorf fundamentally recognizes and values the many people and perspectives of the world. It honors the freedom, equality, individuality, and unique capacities of each child and is dedicated to creating an inclusive community that respects and affirms each of its members.
Purpose – We endeavor to create an inclusive community of faculty, staff, parents and students by working in the following areas:

To address and dismantle oppression on the following four levels:

    1. Individual
    2. Ideological
    3. Institutional
    4. Interpersonal

To study inclusivity within the pedagogy through curriculum review and provide alternative resources for teachers when needed (Ideological, Institutional).

Provide support for community members by serving as allies for any individual or group who has experienced discrimination (Individual, Interpersonal).

Study diversity within our personnel, student and parent body, and governance (all four I’s).

Provide education opportunities regarding diversity for our community, through in-service training and parent education (all four I’s).

Other committees are established when needed for a specific purpose and may be represented by, and work within, a particular segment of the school. Each of these committees requires the participation of the entire school community for the successful realization of its work. From time to time ad hoc committees are formed to address a single question or issue. For example the Sports Program Task Force supports the sports programs of the school and is a College committee. They work to raise funds for the programs and provide organization and coordination to parents such that they can support their child(ren) and the sports program as a whole. The Parent Education Task Force is also providing support to the administration in organizing parent education events.