Parent Council “Coffee Talk” on Eurythmy

Parent Council “Coffee Talk” with Eurythmy Teacher Sylvia Nordoff

Warmth, joy, laughter and movement filled The Denver Waldorf School Eurythmy Room on a cold and wintry Tuesday, April 16th.

With flushed cheeks and warm hearts, parents experienced for themselves the beauty, poetry and art of Eurythmy with Sylvia Nordoff.

For those eager to learn more, Sound Circle Eurythmy offers Eurythmy classes for the public.



The DWS High School Dance on Saturday, April 20

The Denver Waldorf School High School Spring Dance is Saturday, April 20

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Middle School Dance is Saturday, April 20

Middle School Dance is Saturday, April 20 at 6:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm

Dear Middle School Grade Parents,

Your children are invited to the middle school dance on Saturday, April 20, from 6:00 pm. to 10:00 pm.
Dinner will be at 6:00 pm (pizza, salad and drink shared with the middle school students from Shepherd Valley) with dancing beginning at 7:00 pm.

Our middle school dances have as their goal to offer a high quality of live music to which the students can dance. Learning the steps to various dances such as swing, cha, cha, waltz, foxtrot and more, offer unique and healthy experiences for boys and girls at an age when insecurity and vulnerability reign just below the surface.

It’s also important to note that the middle school dances in no way encourage “dating”. In fact, students should not be coming to the dance with a “date”. Everyone should come to the dance expecting to dance with many students from all of the middle school classes. That’s the most fun, and we have found that it just happens naturally. The middle school classes from Shepherd Valley Waldorf School will also be joining us. They love to attend our dances and are also learning the various dances from one of the teachers.

o Dinner 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
o Dance is 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
o Only students currently enrolled may attend (no outside friends or family)
o Students may not leave the Festival Hall area during dance unless with a parent
o $10 entrance fee (sorry, no IOU’s)
o No cell phones (students can ask teachers and chaperones if there is need)
o Dress code: dressing up for a special occasion; no blue jeans, t-shirts, collarless shirts, athletic apparel, etc.
o Free refreshments
o Live music
o Dance contests

We are incredibly fortunate to have talented adults (teachers, parents, friends), who offer high quality live music to which the students can dance. They rehearse for many weeks, and sometimes are able to invite the students to sing and play instruments to the dance songs.

To put organization and security into our chaperone work and provide a non-intrusive glimpse, we’ve created places of rotation for the chaperones, leaving the entry area (near the entrance door) as a place open for parent congregation between rotational shifts. While we encourage all parents to witness our wonderful dances, we would like to put most of the participation into the hands of the 7th grade parents as the hosting chaperons for the spring dance.

Thank you for your support.
Vicki Hindes, Faustina Pfister, Rosemary Vermouth, Betsy White

Senior Class Play: The Matchmaker on May 17 & May 18

The Denver Waldorf School Senior Class of 2013 presents
‘The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder’ on May 17th and May 18th

The Class of 2013 Presents ‘The Matchmaker’ by Thornton Wilder
Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18
7:00 pm
The Bug Theater
3654 Navajo St.
Denver, CO


Preview by Mr. David Johnson, Dramatic Arts Teacher, The Denver Waldorf School

This year’s senior class will perform Thornton Wilder’s THE MATCHMAKER at the Bug Theater on May 17 & 18 at 7 o’clock. This class has been given exciting theatrical challenges over the past four years and they have met them all with courage, insight and talent. Their freshman year they performed an adaptation of A CHRISTMAS CAROL to packed houses. Their performance of John Patrick’s THE CURIOUS SAVAGE was offered with grace and charm. It also allowed them to show off their art and music talents. Their junior performance of Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT gave them a chance to exhibit their beautiful artistic ability recreating three Edward Hopper paintings as the scenery and gave them a forum to hone their very powerful acting skills. All this work will enable them to take on THE MATCHMAKER, a very fast and demanding farce that was the basis for the 1964 musical HELLO DOLLY.

The themes comically exaggerate the morals woven into the relationships between men and women in the late 19th century and ask us to examine, with a laughing eye, the haves and have-nots in that same time period. The play is a beautiful romp by a master playwright, with two playwriting Pulitzers, who had a keen sense of the karmic paths that all human beings must walk.
Come support and laugh with the class of 2013 as they end their DWS theatrical career on a wonderfully zany note.

Artwork by Denver Waldorf School senior student Ruta Smith

The DWS Running Club Meets Thursdays at 3:15pm

The Denver Waldorf School Running Club


Thank you to every one who showed up Thursday, for the first practice run of The Denver Waldorf School Running Club. The informal group meets Thursdays in front of the school at 3:15 pm.

Reminder of the next run:
Sunday, April 14th at the Deer Creek trail, meeting in the parking lot at 8:00 am.

Coaches Tim Williams, and Milan and Oza Klanjsek

No More Disposable Furniture for Aftercare!

No More Disposable Furniture for Aftercare

Written by Aftercare Director Dawn Archer


In years past we have either collected donated, used couches and other furniture OR we have purchased new inexpensive furniture such as the IKEA couches and chairs that we have had for the past four and a half years. Well the result is either a “dorm room” look of mismatched goods or cheap furniture that disintegrates under the playful limbs of our children after a short time.

After saving up for the past few years, After Care, this year purchased some amazing new sturdy furniture. This newest addition, the couch, was purchased from Cherry Creek Log Furniture. This beautiful work of art was hand-made locally from local wood. Cherry Creek Log Furniture is part of a fire mitigation program in Park County. They collect fallen wood to clear the land in order to prevent fires. They take this fallen wood and use it to make sturdy furniture.

2013-03-07_17-07-23_154This couch is finished with a beeswax finish. Also added this year is a wooden double rocker. This rocker was purchased from Rustic Log Furniture and was hand-made in New Mexico.

I’m sure that futon covers will need to be replaced and eventually, the futon mattress will need to be replaced. My hope is that this couch, itself, will last decades. We’ll see. Keep an eye out for beautiful and sturdy new additions to our room in the future.

A shout out of gratitude to the Roberts Family for the futon mattress donation!! Our cushy tushies thank you! –by Dawn Archer, Aftercare Director

The Denver Waldorf School Running Club Meets Thursdays!

The Denver Waldorf School Running Club Meets Thursdays!


The weather is getting nicer, the sun is out longer, spring is in the air …. and now it’s time to break out your running shoes and join The Denver Waldorf School Running Club.

Members of The Denver Waldorf School Cross Country program will be getting together to run informally every Thursday and will meet this Thursday, April 11.

For those of you who ran in the cross country program this past season, The Denver Waldorf School Running Club is a great way to stay running.

For those of you who are new to running, or interested in just checking it out, this is a great way to meet other runners and the coaches.
The club is open to students in Grades 5 through 12. All parents and faculty are also welcome and encouraged to join the running club.

This club will meet informally from spring 2013 to the end of school.
We meet in front of The Denver Waldorf School at 940 Fillmore Street, and will go for approximately an hour.

There will also be weekend runs on Sunday from 8:00 am – 9:00 am.

Oza will organize runs at alternate locations, first at Green Mountain trail (meet 8:00 am in the parking lot at Alameda and Green Mountain Drive).

The next weekend run will be Sunday, April 14th at the Deer Creek trail, meeting in the parking lot at 8:00 am. Then, we will alternate.

Green Mountain

Deer Creek

The organizers will send out a quick email every week reminding everyone where the group will run. If you are interested in receiving these emails, please reply to this message and email Jennifer Parker at

FYI, The Denver Waldorf School Running Club is planning a couple of fun road races this spring and invites you to join:

Cherry Creek Sneak – Sunday, April 28, 2013 @ 7:00 AM (20$ for 5K under 17; 35$ about 17 years of age)

Bolder Boulder – Monday May 27th – Memorial Day (several waves and distances) x 48/52$ for 5K


Oza Klanjsek cell: 720 280 7585
Milan Klanjsek cell: 720 382 8323

Tim Williams cell: 303 898 1927

DWS Athletic Director Mike Quinn

High School Parents: College Financial Aid Seminar

High School Parents: College Financial Aid Presentation

All Denver Waldorf High School parents are invited to a presentation on financial aid for college:

College Financial Aid Seminar
with Jay Murray of Solutions for Tuition

Wednesday, April 17th
7:00 pm
in The High School Math Room

Please RSVP to Carolyn Francis, MBA, Independent Educational Counselor at

We will have to cancel if there aren’t enough parents, so please RSVP to Carolyn!
Donations for the seminar will be accepted.